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More To Come: Year 12 Thrash Year 11 in Netball Grade of Origin

Akina L (Year 12)

It is sometimes worrying, to watch a grand sports match, only to witness an effortless win for one team – perhaps almost a lack of competition it seems, can make it unentertaining. There’s always merit in suspense and close competition – think of how anticlimactic the 2014 FIFA world cup semifinal between Germany and Brazil was, with a staggering 7-1 defeat for Brazil.

Grade of Origin Netball – a similarly great and monumental match – was no different, a staggering defeat to the Year 11 team (with the score omitted as a courtesy to save the Year 11’s from further embarrassment).

Despite this momentous defeat, the game was still greatly exciting, as Year 12 took to the courts adorned in blue. This huge win for Year 12 is not an example of Year 11 incompetency – they played fantastically – but rather testimony to the wonders of Year 12 under the leadership of Mr Macourt.

Some comments from our boys in the blue dresses highlighted:

It was truly thrilling, the turn-up, the environment, the devastating defeat against the Year 11’s. Couldn’t have hoped for a better result than the events of what happened that Wednesday lunch. Good luck with touch and soccer, Mr Arthur’s PDHPE knowledge can only get you so far…

— Ashton G, Year 12


This was one of the defining games of the generation, something that will see itself passed down in memory for many years to come. It’s the blood, sweat and tears we all put in behind the scenes that came together for this victory. In its simplest form it was a match made in heaven and I can’t imagine what we’ll see out of the upcoming touch and soccer matches.

— Nik N, Year 12

With further insight from Ellie P, who made an appearance on the offence.

*Frantic screams as Year 12 score again*

— Ellie P, Year 12

In terms of game plan for the upcoming games, our school captain Anson L has even floated the thought that:

Personally, I think it’s strategic for Year 12 to lose the next game so when it comes to the third game in week 9, the win will feel even better.

— Anson L

Adding some insight from Year 11, one student commented:

they didn’t interview any year elevens. this is fake news.

— Zachary C, Year 11

Year 12 looks forward to seeing Year 11 lose twice again in the two matches to come, versing soon in touch football and soccer.

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  • Ashton GJun 5, 2024 at 2:36 pm

    well spoken Nikhil, truely beautiful moment.

  • Zachary CJun 5, 2024 at 11:19 am

    they didn’t interview any year elevens. this is fake news.

    • We Are Editorial TeamJun 5, 2024 at 6:37 pm

      Thanks for your concerns Zachary, this has now been rectified, as you will see.

    • Mr RobsonJun 7, 2024 at 12:29 pm

      No teachers were interviewed as well! I feel that a teacher’s perspective may bring a balanced view.