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Photo taken by Molly Darlington/Reuters

I’m Mad And You Should Be Too: Australia V South Korea

Dimitri N (Year 12), Multimedia Editor February 21, 2024

On Saturday the 3rd of February the AFC Asia Cup quarter-final between South Korea and Australia occurred. After a decent run of form, Australia was set to face the hardest hurdle so far on their journey...

Taken from Cricket Australia (.com)

Aussies Triumphant in Indian Cauldron

Savanna S (Year 10), Chief Contributor November 29, 2023

Cricket fans will know that on Sunday, the 19th of November, in the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, India, the 2023 World Cup Finals took place. It was tense even before the match had started - India,...

Taken from Unsplash by Alejandro Luengo

The Sports of The Emerald Isle

Archie H (Year 12) September 6, 2023

We all know about Ireland, the potato growing, river dancing, car exploding country that we all know and love. Today I want to delve into Ireland's favourite sport and see what this country of 5 million...

Taken from Unsplash by Enrico Miglioranza

Verstappen Equals Race Win Record whilst Gasly Gains a Motivation Boost!

Max B (Year 11) August 30, 2023

Max Verstappen Converted his pole position at the Dutch Grand Prix this weekend to further push his record winning streak to equal the one of Sebastian Vettel, Whilst Pierre Gasly got a ‘Massive Motivation...

Credit: Jeffrey F Lin on unsplash

The Dream Team: The Rise of the Matildas

Sydney M (Year 11) August 16, 2023

The Matildas' journey is remarkably one that is a testimony to hard work, determination, talent and undoubtedly, commitment. Inspiration from The Matildas on and off the pitch has ignited and empowered...

Taken from Middle Harbour 16s

A Blue Plight: A review of 2023 Origin

Archie H (Year 12), Chief Contributor July 26, 2023

As we yet again close out another Origin series, Rugby League NSW has been left down in the dumps with a defeat to the hands of Queensland maroon squad. 2 years in a row, the Blues have lost the State...

Taken from Autosport

The Comeback kid – Daniel Ricciardo

Max B (Year 11) July 26, 2023

Daniel Ricciardo (otherwise known as the ‘Honey Badger’) is a homegrown legend in the eyes of Aussie F1 fans. Since his debut at the 2011 British Grand Prix, his smile and charismatic humour has captured...

WCC Champions at last

CIS Winners: The Platinum Generation

Ben R (Year 11) June 14, 2023

Grand Final vs Newington College In the realms of William Clarke College sporting history, few things will ever come close to the relentless courage and sheer determination put on display by our senior...

Verstappen holds off Alonso to Race win in Monaco

Verstappen holds off Alonso to Race win in Monaco

Max B (Year 11) May 31, 2023

Max Verstappen crossed the finish line in front of rival Fernando Alonso, upholding his winning streak, although the late race weather change could have ruined it all.  Monaco, a sovereign city-state...

taken from wikimedia commons

The Barassi Line and the Battle for Australian Sporting Dominance

Archie H (Year 12) May 10, 2023

Rugby league and Australian rules. Or, better known by their leagues as the NRL and the AFL, are two of Australia’s most popular sporting competitions. Both leagues remain rivalled in terms of membership...

Is Erik Ten Hag the Greatest Football Manager in the World?  

Is Erik Ten Hag the Greatest Football Manager in the World?  

Mr Carr (teacher) April 4, 2023

Picture this.   It is Sunday 14th of August and Manchester United is 4-0 down in their second Premier League game of the season, away at Brentford. The home fans are in a jubilant mood and chant ‘You’re...

Image derived from The Sports Rush

The Two Kings of the NBA

Archie H (Year 12) March 29, 2023

Michael Jordan is a name known on an international scale. When people think of the greatest NBA player of all time, the only name that will pop into people’s heads is that of Michael Jordan.      M...

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