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We Are

The Student Media Site of William Clarke College

We Are

The Student Media Site of William Clarke College

We Are

Editorial Guidelines

WE ARE is the first ever William Clarke College Student Media Site, aimed at being an authentic conduit for student voice, to encourage student agency at the College. Our name is drawn from the plural form of I AM, as we strive to reflect that the Site is being created for students, by students.   

See below our Core Principles that will govern the operation of the We Are site: 

WE ARE. . . 

  1. Committed to empowering authentic student voice 
  2. Focussed on being encouraging through our work 
  3. Enriching both the College & the larger community
  4. Aligned with College ethos and mission statement 
  5. Determined to maintain high journalistic standards

So that WE can. . .   

Champion discussion and debate   

Cultivate a vibrant and rich culture   

Celebrate student creativity & achievements  


ANYONE from Years 7-12 can write and submit an article for We Are. To submit content and find out about how your article is edited, go to webpage “Submissions.”


ALL content represents the views of individual authors, except where published under the authorship of the Editorial Team as a whole. Nothing published on We Are represents the official views or opinions of the College or its staff. 


No part of WE ARE media may be reprinted or reproduced, without the written consent of our Editorial Team.  

Corrections and Removal Policies 

The WE ARE Editorial Team will accept changes in media as long as it remains within the Core Principles and Code of Ethics. If minor inaccuracies are noted, including errors of spelling and grammar, a correction statement may be issued after it has carefully been reviewed.  

To undergo a takedown review process, the content must fall under one of the following categories: 

  • It is unlawful 
  • It is inaccurate
  • It is misleading

 All questions and concerns should be directed to the Editorial Team via the webform on the webpage “Contact Us.”