What do sprinters eat before a race?

Anson L (Year 10), Chief Contributor

Nothing they fast!


“Take your marks…BEEP!” 

It was the 100m Sprint, the runners were sprinting down their lanes. The crowds were in the stands roaring as they are cheering their athletes on closer to the finish line. It looks like it was going to be a close one. Now you might think I am talking about the current Commonwealth Games however the athletes seem to be primary students, the crowds were representing 8 separate colours and sprinting down their lanes… Well, the speed and quality of the competition can be one’s own opinion… This was the William Clarke Primary Athletics Carnival.  

The Primary Athletics carnival was held on Friday 29th July and featured all students from year 2 to year 6 at the Sydney Olympic Park Warmup Arena. These students were given the opportunity to spend a day running on the same track that some of the World’s best did 22 years ago at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.  

Also present were Year 10 Year and House Leaders assisting with the running of the carnival. High School students were given the opportunity to step down memory lane of Primary School although this time as nasty authority figures! Were these 14 students ready to handle a carnival? 

The 1500m was being held as our leaders arrived and were quickly placed in positions to help. The shock on some leaders’ faces when students as little as 8 years old were running 1500m. That’s 3 and a half laps of the track! 

The very first logistical challenge had appeared. The school’s gazebos were too big according to the strict Sydney Olympic Park guidelines. Given Primary School students are incapable of not getting burnt, gazebos had to be bought. Thankfully Bunnings was open at such early hours of the day. Upon arrival, all 8 Gazebos were quickly set up before students arrived thanks to late buses.  

The day for our leaders had been going on for a while however the primary kids had just begun with the 100m Track event. All students were marshaled and ready to run. The cheerleaders were ready with their chants “Not the Queen, not the King … Langdon is the Winning House!” They sound a little familiar, don’t they?  

As the 100m event continued a small problem arose. Kids were running all over the place and not staying in their own lanes which were crucial as it would mess up the timing system. Even with Mr. Tomich at the starting line constantly repeating “Stay in your lanes”, students were still running everywhere but within their lines. Luckily for staff, the year 10 Leadership team included two State Cross Country runners who were quick to follow the primary school athletes and ensure they stayed in their own lanes. Little did they know what they were signing up for as they had to run over 15km behind primary school students ensuring they remained in their own lanes and cheering them on to the finish line.  

Here are some of what the leaders thought of the carnival: 

“The primary school carnival was a lot of fun and had a lot of running for both us as leaders and for the primary school students.” – Samuel C 

“It was a great day to go around and help out. We all had a fun time around there and it was great to take on the roles of the more senior student leaders for a day. I would love to do more in the future.” – James H 

“A great day of house spirit and fun. Helping to lead the primary students at an event like this was great, especially after the covid lockdown. We were able to get involved in the field/track events including shot put and discus. Everyone had such an amazing spirit as well as teachers putting in a massive amount of effort making it a really fun day!” – Helayna C 

“It’s also great that we got to teach kids to run in a straight line, it’s a good life skill to have. Go Langdon all the way” Samuel C 

Being able to spend a day back in Primary School brought back memories of a time when assessment notifications did not exist and being able to see smiles and laughter on kids’ faces as they pushed themselves and each other on in the name of sport. The leaders were all excited for more opportunities like this as they edge closer to senior leadership very soon!