WCC might be Joining the UN?

Carli S (Year 9)

We are….UN??  – 

During last week’s MYCAH, the SRC met up and discussed our ideas to progress the school. During this, the idea of a Model UN was raised. 

For context, a Model United Nations is an academic recreation of the United Nations where students are to play the role of delegates and representatives of different countries and attempt to discuss and solve real world issues with the politics, perspectives and resources of their assigned country. Another aspect of a Model UN is debate, in which students are to place themselves into the shoes of diplomates that represent their given country and have debate sessions. Students will be given time to research key global issues, make speeches, create solutions and negotiate. 

 What makes this program so helpful to students? What will you learn through this program? 

This program is extremely relevant to those who want to develop their skills in debating, but also helps teach the NSW curriculum in a way that can not be achieved in a classroom (imagine all the best parts of geography, legal studies and history, but better). Perhaps even better, being part of a Model UN is a useful transcription to place on a University application (did somebody say early entry?). This program aligns with the College virtues of becoming extraordinary learners, fostering the courage to use your voice for positive change and global compassion for people and nations who face real challenges each day.

It is a big step for the College, but it will exponentially enhance the debating program and open up more doors to debate against other schools. 

 The Model UN is flexible in the way that it can work with timetabling requirements and class sizes. This program can house 20-30 students all the way up to 100 students across multiple year levels. 

 Topics model UN can cover are-  

 -Climate Induced Conflict 

 -Global Food Security 

 – Health Security 

 – Human Rights in Tibet  

 -Nuclear Disarmament 

 – South China Sea  

 – Children in Armed Conflict 

 – North Korean Refugees  

 – Drug Trafficking 

 – Mediterranean Refugee Crisis 

 – Strait of Hormuz  


 – Humanitarian Workers in Conflict Zones 

 – Journalist Safety and Protection 

 – Mexican Drug War 

 – People Smugglers 

 – Climate Refugees 

 – Freedom of the Media 

 – Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property 

 – Corporate Espionage 

 -Water Security and Shared Sources of irrigation.  

So, what do you think? Is this the right move for WCC? Are you interested in doing it yourself? Feel free to let us know.  

If you would like to see more of what Model UN is go to-