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What Your Choice of Favourites Says About You

Taken from Cabury

The Favourites box is a collection of different Cadbury chocolates, which is enjoyed by millions of people year round during celebrations, shared with loved ones or alternatively all by yourself sitting on the lounge watching TV. However due to widespread consumption of the variety of different chocolates in the Favourites box, a few stereotypes have developed surrounding those who like a particular bar.

In this article I aim to inform you of those stereotypes and what your choice of Favourites says about you, so you can better understand your psyche, it’s like an M.B.T.I test but with chocolate!

Disclaimer: these stereotypes are very broad and opinionated and should not be taken as gospel, so if you’re a person who loves eating old gold but swear that you’re not either 80 years old or delusional, then that’s fine. Just know that everyone thinks you are. Also, we will only be discussing the current favourites box, so if you are the singular bounty bar lover on earth then I’m sorry, but you’ll be left out here.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar

So, this one is kind of hard because it’s the most basic/plain option in the box, however, people who have this as their favourite are typically quite agreeable people, who are easily pleased. They don’t need all the fancy unnecessary bonuses of other bars; they know what they like and they stick with it.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello

The thing about Caramello people is that they are very similar to dairy milk bar people in that they enjoy simple things and are generally happy to please. However, unlike the dairy milk bar people these people typically feel the need to justify their choices as not being basic “like the dairy milk bar”. So while they’re easy to please, they don’t like other people thinking that of them.


Cadbury Boost

Boost Bar people are weird, and that is reflected in their choice of chocolate. It’s like a mix of 10 different chocolate bars in one package, and yet they all work together. Simultaneously Boost Bar people are all over the place and chaotic; they’re the kind of people that will ace all of their exams and yet still act stupid all the time or eat healthy 24/7 but randomly eat 15 Big Macs. Basically, they’re just unpredictable.


Cadbury Moro

Moro Bar people are people who like Mars Bars but didn’t want to spend money on buying Mars Bars. I could try to pretend that there’s some deeper meaning which it says about you but let’s be honest, that is the reason Moro is their favourite.


Cadbury Crunchie

It’s funny because the Crunchie bar has two very polarising stereotypes. One of them being a typically health-conscious person who is eating chocolate and sees the honeycomb in this bar and decides that they should pick this one. The other stereotype is the complete opposite; someone who hasn’t thought about their health for years but realises how sweet and how much sugar is in this bar.


Cadbury Picnic

Picnic bar people are what the first kind of Crunchie bar person want to be, because these are the people that actually consider their health when choosing chocolate. While this chocolate is still unhealthy, it’s better than the competition and Picnic people know this, so they choose Picnic. These people are generally informed about their choices and that’s what makes them choose Picnic.



Cadbury Old Gold

There are two types of people who like Old Gold: those who need EVERYONE to know that it’s healthier than regular chocolate and that they do not have to feel bad about themselves for eating chocolate. The other one is those who are genuinely old, like 80 year old people who swear that back in their day chocolate wasn’t so sweet, when in actuality their tastebuds have just worn so much that they can’t taste much anymore.


Fry’s Turkish Delight

You are a psychopath. If this is your favourite chocolate, you genuinely have something wrong with your brain and should likely seek psychological help. While this may seem harsh, it actually is quite generous, people who like Turkish Delight are evil and should be avoided at all costs.


Cadbury Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe is the most hated bar of all time, and the people who like it are typically boring people who feel the need to be special, so they swear that they like Cherry Ripe to make people think they’re interesting. Long story short, They’re not.

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  • Aaron RMar 1, 2024 at 10:13 am

    Actually it’s old gold lovers that are phsycopathic turkish delight is the most delicious type of chocolate ever

  • LucyFeb 10, 2024 at 6:38 pm

    Watch out guys, Turkish delight lover right here!

  • Aaron RDec 1, 2023 at 10:06 am

    I’m not psychopathic
    my brain is fine (I think)
    I simply enjoy a Turkish delight

  • DiimiitiriNov 29, 2023 at 2:02 pm

    I’m the second type of old gold person. This is a source of pride for me.