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The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

Jake M (Year 11), Chief Contributor November 29, 2023

I’m sure that most people have feared the dark at some point in their life. The idea that something may be lurking within the shadows, or just the fear of being unable to see your surroundings is something...

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What Your Choice of Favourites Says About You

Jack D (Year 11), Chief Contributor November 29, 2023

The Favourites box is a collection of different Cadbury chocolates, which is enjoyed by millions of people year round during celebrations, shared with loved ones or alternatively all by yourself sitting...

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How Old is too Old for Politics?

Grace C (Year 11), Editor in Chief November 8, 2023

If I asked you to close your eyes right now and imagine a stereotypical politician, what would you see? I doubt you’d be imagining a bright, young and ambitious person who is ready to take on the world...

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The Truth Is Dead

Dimitri N (Year 11), Media Editor November 1, 2023

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Studying the Right Way

Dimitri N (Year 11) September 13, 2023

I’m writing this less than two days after surviving my final year 11 preliminary exam. Ask any year 11 and you’ll quickly realise that prelims are a tricky ordeal and not a fun one at that. It is 2...

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What’s the Point?

Cameron F (Year 12) September 13, 2023

Sitting in a dark greasy room with 200 other students, I seem to lose track of anything important. The folded-down red chair is enticing me to decide whether or not putting my feet up to rest will be frowned...

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Society Hates Ageing

Susannah E (Year 11) September 6, 2023

The current world that you and I live in is obsessed with this superficial ideology of beauty, youth and a ‘wrinkle-free face’. Cosmetic procedures are carried out to reverse the ‘curse’ of ageing,...

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A Modern Moon Landing

Ananya V (Year 12) September 6, 2023

“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” Those words have been quoted again and again in memory of the first moon landing on the 11th of July 1969. Since then, humanity moved its sights...

The Barbie movie was cool… We liked it too :)

The Barbie movie was cool… We liked it too :)

Shari E (Year 12) and Rowen M (Year 10) September 6, 2023

Okay… So, we’ve recently watched the Barbie movie and were quite disheartened to see people missing the message that we and a few other women took from it. Specifically, we’d like to write in reply...

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The Sports Gender Pay Gap Doesn’t Exist

Lucy B (Year 12), Editor-in-Chief August 30, 2023

It would not be a fair or accurate statement to call myself a football fan. My knowledge starts and ends at being able to name three Premier League players tops (please don’t test me on it). However,...

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The Importance of a Name

Miriam R (Year 11) August 23, 2023

Recently my church’s youth group changed names from Tribe youth to Ville youth, as in Kelly-ville. As someone who has grown up with tribe at Kellyville Anglican I was very, and I mean very upset by this....

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