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Sydney Scaries

Taken by Richard Bell, from Unsplash

5 months into 2024, already our headlines have been covered with violent crimes leaving many citizens on the edge, unsafe in their own city. Stabbings, disappearances and increasing domestic violence are amongst the unprecedented crime wave flooding our city and casting fear over communities.

“Turning on the news or going on my phone and seeing more knife offences and domestic violence crimes has turned into a daily routine.”

The tragic stabbing rampage at Westfield Bondi Junction mall in mid-April sent shockwaves throughout the community. Six people lost their lives with 5 of these victims being women, leaving many fearful. This horrific stabbing attack was especially shocking as violent knife crime had previously been trending downwards for decades in Australia.

A mere 2 days later, another violent knife crime committed in a church at Wakeley, a suburb in Western Sydney. This act of terrorism invited riots with fifteen people charged over alleged involvement leaving emergency service workers injured and destruction of police property.

Since these attacks a total of over 15 knife crimes had been committed over the short period of 2 months with domestic violence serving as the most common motive.

Dr Xanthe Mallett a criminologist, noted, “While Sydney feels under siege from knife crime, its’ an unfortunate set of circumstances where there isn’t actually a serious increase in crime, it’s just that we’ve had a couple of very serious, awful events close together that have really raised the fear level.”

Despite the constant reassurance given by authorities Sydney siders have naturally become more anxious in their city.

“My parents became more hesitant when I ask to go out with friends.”

“I am constantly looking when I am out and have become more aware of my surroundings.”

As the series of attacks unfolded Sydney became enveloped in crime and danger, an impact felt across the whole country. For many going to church or to the local shopping centre became a fearful task.

“Knife crimes has shattered Australia’s sense of safety.”

“Certainly, amongst some groups, especially young people, we’re seeing the carrying use of knives increasing”, said University of Newcastle. This statement indicated that knife crimes are most prevalent amongst young people introducing questions for the future of Australia.

As more knife crimes are committed Australia has tightened regulations tackling the problem of knife crime, this involves the “wanding law” which allows police officers to use handheld metal detectors to search people without a warrant in designated areas. Steps like this will reduce the use of knives subsequently bringing down the crime rate and contributing to a safer society.

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