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Taken by Kenny Eliason, from Unsplash

Jesse Baird and Luke Davies: A Double Homicide

Annmary J (Year 10), Chief Contributor March 13, 2024

Former Channel 10 presenter Jesse Baird and Qantas flight attendant Luke Davies were brutally shot at their own home, allegedly by an obsessed stalker police officer.   They were a hard-working...

King Charles Under the Weather

King Charles Under the Weather

Shikka S (Year 10), Chief Contributor February 21, 2024

In the past few weeks, a shocking turn of events have been occupying the worlds mind. King Charles had recently become a victim of cancer leaving the nation of England as well as much of the world in a...

Image Credit: Edgar Soto, Unsplash

De Beers Diamond Deception

Jack D (Year 12), Chief Contributor February 14, 2024

When you buy a diamond engagement ring for your partner, it is the ultimate symbol of your love and dedication to your partner; or at least that is what the De Beers diamond cartel wants you to think....

Image Credit: Thimo Perderson, Unsplash

Killer Mushrooms?

Annmary J (Year 10), Chief Contributor November 29, 2023

Mushrooms that caused the death of 3 and the near death of 1. A story of an Australian mother’s mushroom filled meal that caused her to be charged with 3 murders.   Erin Patterson, 49,...

Image Credit: Kenny Eliason, Unsplash

Lilie James: Another Wake Up Call To Violence Against Women

Jess S (Year 11), Editor November 15, 2023

Over the past few weeks, the murder of Lilie James has been a prevalent story within Australian media, one which has confronted many with the reality of just how common domestic violence is within New...

Taken from Unsplash by Rodion Kutsaiev

Do We Really Need a Digital ID?

Ananya V (Year 12) August 30, 2023

In the past few years, we watched the news announcing numerous data leaks from companies and corporations. While we know that we need to give our information to companies to verify that we are who we say...

The Internet’s Newest Rivalry  - Threads vs ‘X’

The Internet’s Newest Rivalry – Threads vs ‘X’

Max B (Year 11) August 23, 2023

In the modern age of social media, the world was shocked when they saw Elon Musk finally purchased Twitter, now named ‘X’, and thought he had a monopoly over the mini-blogging concept. All of a sudden,...

Taken from Daniel Eledut, Unsplash.

The History of the Airbus

Tyler J (Year 7) August 23, 2023

An executive meeting between France, West Germany and Britain in July 1967 begin talks about advancing the cooperation in the aviation technology field for Europe. The Airbus A300 milestone deal was settled...

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Are Some Tragedies More Tragic Than Others?

James H (Year 11) July 26, 2023

5 vs 1. A simple hypothetical. Consider this philosophical problem of a train, hurtling towards 5 people, helplessly tied to the track in front of them. If nothing is done, the train will carry on...

The Law v Trump (2023)

The Law v Trump (2023)

Ananya V (Year 12), Chief Contributor May 24, 2023

Over 2 years after Biden took Trump’s chair in the Oval Office, the media is still Donald devoted.   Anyone even remotely familiar with American politics, or politics in general, will be familiar...

The 2023 Australian Budget for Dummies

The 2023 Australian Budget for Dummies

Anson L (Year 11) and James H (Year 11) May 24, 2023

Emails: such a wonderful form of communication. Wonderful, right until your parent walks into your room and passionately declares that they got “an email from your economics teacher”.  A sentence...

Free student texting during class image, public domain CC0 photo.

NSW Labor Government Sends Schools Back to the Stone Age

Ananya V (Year 12) May 17, 2023

School. An integral part of every child’s life and something that people remember as a large part of their developmental years. Needless to say, when something happens in schools, everyone takes notice,...

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