WE ARE…Yours

WE ARE logo

WE ARE logo

Since we began as College Captains, we have continually pondered the question of how to bring the students of WCC together, and develop a more vibrant culture of sharing ideas, passions and interests. And a lot more than just the price of choccy milk at the canteen too (which seems to be determined to follow the directive of Isaiah 40:31 and soar on wings like eagles).  

Stumbling across the Macquarie University student publication ‘Grapeshot’, we imagined what a WCC version of this might be (hopefully coming up with a better name). Searching to see what high school equivalents existed in Australia, we found that very few schools are doing anything like this – the odd podcast or single article perhaps – but nothing at the scale we had in mind. So, our search took us across the vast internet and finally across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to America, with their numerous High School publications, both in print and on screen, like that one in all the Spiderman movies.  


Our Name and Aims:  

Taken from the College song and marketing campaign, our plural spin on ‘I AM’ -> ‘WE ARE’ is unique and recognisable to any WCC student. The title also allows for some flexible albeit cheesy wordplay, as you can see with the title of this article, and others on the site – not to mention our impeccable marketing campaign ‘WE ARE COMING SOON.’ WE ARE also currently working on trademarking the name as well as developing an inspiring anthem to be sung at assemblies…  

However, through developing the site, we have really only done half the job, or created a shell if you like, that we want the students of WCC to fill. WE ARE perhaps this site’s first hermit crabs… and now we pass on the shell to you guys.  

In other words . . . 

What good is a house with no furniture? What good is a microphone if there is no one speaking behind it? What good is a book full of only blank pages?  

All useless really.  

Nice to look at perhaps. Admirable constructions in a way. But pretty much a waste of space in the end. Kind of a like a Student Media site with no student contributions… 

But why bother to contribute, we hear you say…  


We know what you’re all thinking… We don’t actually but some of you might be quite apprehensive – we know WE ARE.  

BUT, for those who complain no one listens to you, this is your chance to be heard. Got something you’re super passionate about? Movies? Anime? Knitting? Swedish politics?  

Share your passion and convince others to get interested.  

Or perhaps you’re interested in a career in journalism, media, creative writing or about 20 different other things and want some way to start practising and building a portfolio of work. We ourselves have no desire to venture into journalism. Though we respect anyone who does and hope they retain some level of dignity.  

Of course, the site is quite young (literally only a few hours old), and we would love for it to follow our lead and survive into troublesome adolescence! It will evolve to meet demand, perhaps if there are enough people interested in K-Pop, then that may get its own page. Or if people are submitting fantastic pieces of creative writing, poems, graphic designs etc., we would love to give the next J.K. Rowling or Picasso the platform to blossom.  


Put simply, WE ARE… Yours.