World of Continuous Change (W.C.C.)

2007. My first year at William Clarke College. It’s hard to comprehend that some people reading this weren’t alive (or were very young) when I started school. 

For you, the Branwhite Centre and Sports Centre would feel normal and expected. For me, these buildings are still incredibly new. 

There was no Branwhite Centre, no Sports Centre and no Primary School buildings when I started school! 

Evidently, physically, the school has changed considerably in the past 15 years. But, that’s easy to pick out – let’s instead look at some of the more specific things that have/haven’t changed. 

Room numbers. The classrooms next to the Library have changed so much it’s borderline ridiculous. From 5T, to E1, to MS1, to H1, to who knows what it is now, room numbers constantly change. This makes for first day’s back on campus incredibly difficult as you arrive at the classroom your timetable says, only to realise that the room numbers have changed again. 

Sick bay. This place is iconic. I would argue that even if disaster struck on campus, sick bay would remain intact. No one ever wants to go to sick bay, but at least when you go, you know what to expect. This place has not changed. 

Teachers. They have definitely changed. Arriving back on campus this year, I was amazed at how many teachers I didn’t recognise. The lesson? Enjoy your teachers while you have them! Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed, so make sure to learn everything and build great connections with your teachers, it’s definitely something I’ll always remember. 

Litter. This has not changed, and based on history, will never change. The concept of putting rubbish in a bin is clearly still one of the most challenging concepts for students. I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of getting distracted and misplacing rubbish – it’s one of those things that has not changed since 2007. 

Although I am now disconnected from the College life, but get glimpses for a few days each term, these are the key things that have or haven’t changed since I started at the College in 2007. 

Evidently, some things do remain the same, like sick bay and litter, but largely, things couldn’t be more different. This is the nature of the world we live in – a world where things are continuously changing.  

Within all this change, the opportunity for growth arises. When you embrace change and learn to adapt to new environments or circumstances, anything is possible.  

Within school, and outside school, our world continues to change. How you respond to that change, is the most important decision of all.