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Cross Country: UNDERRATED

Taken by James Lee from Unsplash

May 3rd 2024: What was to be a sunny, buzzing and relaxed day off school. However, the weather gods had got the better of us and we were to wait another 11 days for a postponed carnival. Well, at least our runners had more training preparation…

Now the day before, the 2nd postponed event. We were gearing up to run our hearts out and have a blast with our friends during the entirety of the day. The problem was pervasive again, the Fred Caterson oval grounds wet and unsafe to run on.

We were now to be participating in an improvised college grounds cross country carnival. Even despite the fact that different year groups ran at different times, and that the whole college community wasn’t together on the oval, everyone’s enthusiasm remained undiminished, spirits high and bodies soaked in sunlight amidst the camaraderie of the event.

It was a great experience nonetheless where many of us let loose for just a part of the day and revelled in the simple pleasures of freedom and happiness. However, I’m sure many of us missed the annual perks of the colour run. Being showered with colour powder and laughing with our friends just brings a different form of pure joy that is an experience worth remembering. (I know I can speak for myself and the Year 12’s who unfortunately missed out on this last experience)

Just the other day, I had a thought of how this year’s cross country full aligned with an analogy that closely resonates with me and pictures the nature of running in Cross Country. That everything will not always go to plan, but you have to adjust and improvise to make something happen, to get what you want. That was true for the nature of the day of cross country, how the teachers made it work and the adjustment to some of the races on the day.

For example, in my race, at the start we were told the distance of the course would be 2 laps, about 4-5km. Just as I was about to swing my body into the school gates, propelling my legs forward to complete my second lap and the race, I saw Mr Storie up ahead signalling to keep running another lap and to finish the course only after a 3rd lap had been completed. “Keep going mate, the course we measured was too short.”

Though frustration hit me initially, I pushed forward yet again, desperate to cross the finish line, it beckoning out to me. I was fuelled by hunger, to taste the sweetness of victory, the rush of endorphins flooding through my veins and motivated by dopamine, a euphoric bliss washing over me. Running is all about discipline: it teaches you a lot about pushing forward and getting familiar with the uncomfortable.

I encourage each and every one of you to start running: experience the benefits of a better mental fortitude, faster metabolism, improved mood and better physical health.  Whether it be 1km or 10kms, you will reap the rewards. Choose adversity now, so that your future self is accomplished and thankful for your past decision.

Just recently, on Thursday 30th May, our William Clarke team went to represent HZSA at the AICES Cross Country Carnival. It was a great run in tough competition, but regardless still William Clarke stays standing in the race for CIS. Let’s run hard!



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  • YashveerJun 12, 2024 at 8:12 pm

    something that really resonated with me is the analogy that not everything goes to plan. True winners need to be able to adapt to change and being able to adapt is something you need to succeed in life .