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May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour

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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour 


In recent years, the tributes for the Hunger Games have ditched the chariot rides and have now chosen to present their outfits to the Capitol of Panem by walking along a red carpet now known as, “The Met Gala.”   


Please welcome the tributes of the 97th Hunger Games.   


District 1 – Luxury Items 

Male Tribute: Jonathan Bailey 

Rating: 4/10 

The designer Loewe could have presented more this year. Living up to the standards of last year couldn’t have been easy: the flower is fun, but the colouring is plain. He is from the wealthiest district; I’d like to see it.  


Female Tribute: Jessica Biel 

Rating: 7/10 

Jessica Biel certainly caught the attention of the capitol! However, Miss Biel’s designers, Tamara Ralph and Cartier didn’t get the memo of the flower theme from her male counterpart.  


District 2 – Masonry and Defence 

Male Tribute: Barry Keoghan  

Rating: 7/10  

The designer Burberry would have made Mr Keoghan’s district proud if his outfit were to be criticised alone, for it was his female counterpart that let him down… 


Female Tribute: Gwendoline Christie 

Rating: 4/10 


I will say she also did her district proud until the capitol started calling her an “Effie Trinket wannabe.” Her designer Maison Margiela has to step it up a notch after this embarrassing copy-cat behaviour.  


District 3 – General Electronics  

Male Tribute: Jack Harlow 

Rating: 2/10 

Call us harsh, but man… is he giving us NOTHING with this outfit. Dior the designer must be scared to show his face in the capital.  


Female Tribute: Irina Shayk  

Rating: 8/10 

She shone as she gracefully glided down the carpet. Shame she was paired with such a plain outfit, well done to her designer Swarovski.  


District 4: Fishing 

Male Tribute: Charlie Hunnam 

Rating: 9/10 

Mr Hunnam was not far off from being perfectly dressed for this event, however, no one from any district could be better dressed than the capitol members themselves. 


Female Tribute: Zendaya 

Rating: 10/10 

I stand corrected! For the first time in Hunger Games history the capitol has voted the female tribute from District 4 as ten out of ten! People in the stands are yelling, asking her where she got her dress from. I know designer Maison Margiela will be very busy making outfits for the capitols finest.  


District 5: Power and Electricity  

Male Tribute: Law Roach 

Rating: 4/10 

Mr Roach is looking like he should be from Livestock! Those cowboy pointed boots don’t have a place in District 5.  


Female Tribute: Michelle Yoeh 

Rating: 5/10 

She’s really trying to represent, and Balenciaga is doing a fine job in picking up the slack from the male tributes outfit but you have to represent your district better.  


District 6: Transportation 

Male Tribute: Wisdom Kaye 

Rating: 9/10 


Mr Kaye… I mean that name alone belongs in the capitol, and so does this outfit! He devoured the rest of the male tributes with this bright and colourful display. The designer Robert Wun deserves a pat on the back.  


Female Tribute: Elizabeth Debicki 

Rating: 9/10 

Again! Designer Dior Couture and male tribute designer Robert Wun did not match their tributes in the slightest, their outfits are that good they can shine alone!  


District 7: Lumber 

Male Tribute: Gustav Magnar Witzoe  

Rating: 8/10 


Another outstanding outfit from District 7, although they are offered such a plain theme they devour every time. Designer Atelier Versace should be proud.  


Female Tribute: Zoë Yadira Saldaña-Perego 

Rating: 6/10 


It was a bit bold for the designer Chloe to put her name on the outfit, but fair enough, because the Hunger Games are for the capitol, and the capitol love forward thinkers.  


District 8 – Textiles 

Male Tribute: Ed Sheeran  

Rating: 4/10 


He didn’t stick out to the capitol because although his suit is nice and his designer Stella McCartney half slayed, it was District 8’s female tribute who took the spotlight.  



Female Tribute: Maleah Joi Moon 

Rating: 9/10 

Yet another high score, well done designer Collina Strada! Some people have different views on this dress, and majority of the capitol were almost threatened by her confidence. She is showing off that she means business and she knows how to win. It’s just giving like warrior.  



District 9 – Grain 

Male Tribute: Donald Glover 

Rating: 6/10 

It must have been hard for Mr Glover to shine when there have been so many exceptionally dressed tributes before him. However, he stuck to his roots and he embodied grain better than anyone. Designer Saint Laurent.  


Female Tribute: Lana Del Rey 

Rating: 5/10 

For such a plain concept and average outfits in the past the designer Alexander McQueen is the one to thank for another mediocre outfit from District 9. You thought I was going to say they did better this time…. HAHA, no.   


District 10 – Livestock 

Male Tribute: Lil Nas X 

Rating: 3/10 

The capital did not react well to the male tribute of District 10, designer Luar should maybe find a nice cabin in the woods and retire.   



Female Tribute: Mindy Kaling 

Rating: 7/10 

Now this is what we are looking for from 10! Although the capitol didn’t rate it as high as the other tributes, designer Gaurav Gupta should be proud it wasn’t as low as the male tribute from 10. Again, embarrassing.  


District 11 – Agriculture 

Male Tribute: Tyler Mitchell 

Rating: 6/10 


Although the outfit is gorgeous many of the capitol grow suspicious of how such a poor District could afford such lavishing attire. Designer Prada has not yet giving a statement.  


Female Tribute: Christine Schwarzman 

Rating: 6/10 


Okay girl, get it, I guess? But they didn’t take her seriously at all in that colourful neon yellow dress. Again, you’re in a outer district… act like it. We can’t have lower districts trying to wear fancy clothing, you all remember what happened to Katniss Everdeen, don’t you? For those of you that don’t let’s just say she had such an unfortunate fate in her games.  


District 12 – Coal Mining 

Male Tribute: Andrew Scott 

Rating: 3/10 

Designer Versace and Boucheron didn’t have much to work with now that they use of fire in outfits has been banned. But nice try none the less… 


Female Tribute: Cardi B 

Rating: 4/10 

No, cause how is she realistically going to even fit in the train. No seriously, how did she get from Point A to Point B. How did you do it designer Windosen? 


Well, that sums up the capitol’s opinions for the 97th Hunger Games! Remember, long live President Snow, and may the odds be ever in your favour. 


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    the lana slander is crazy