Spider-man Across the Spider Verse – How to Make Cinema 

Joshua M (Year 12)

Superhero movies over the last two decades have skyrocketed in popularity, with the Marvel cinematic universe being at the forefront of the effort to make movies about our favourite comic book characters, something everyone can enjoy and see on the big screen. Now Spider-man has been no stranger to the mainstream, being considered one of the most popular and widely known superheroes in cinema, having his first major motion picture being released in 2002 with the webhead being portrayed by the then 26-year-old Toby Maguire. Maguire would continue to play the Friendly neighbourhood hero in 2 more films, with Spider-man 2 being considered the Web slingers best film appearance to date, now that would stand for almost two decades until a new Spider-man story would grace our screens in 2018, a film so breathtakingly excellent it would shatter the medium of 3D animation and stitch it back together all at the same time and make a superhero movie like none that had come before

Spider-man into the Spider-verse is what you get when people want to change something.

Production began in 2014. The filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, with their team of 800 over the next four years, would create something that would destroy the idea of modern 3D animation and what it was capable of at that point. ITSV, or Spider-verse, would release in December 2018 to raving reviews stating the film is thrilling and breathes new life into the character of Spider-man. ITSV tells the story of teen Miles Morales and how he learns what it means to don the mask and become the Spider-man he wants to be through radioactive high jinks. The film uses a mix of 3D computer animation with outlines upon surfaces leaving the impression of a comic book. Giving characters levels of definition and expression that, in most cases, were missing from animated movies to come out in the over-statured medium until that point. The movie also includes different art styles, animation techniques and contrasting and unifying motifs through its visuals and music that ooze with charm and love put into the film. If you have not seen Spider-man Into the Spider-verse, do yourself a favour and watch it.


As of 2023, we have seen how ITSV has made an impression in creating an animated movie. We have seen ideas and expressive techniques popularised by Spider-man pop up in other films; DreamWorks Animation would find direct inspiration in the making of their movies ‘The Bad Guys’ and Puss in Boots – The Last Wish’ and we would have movies set to release in 2023 use the animation style as well. In saying this, after the release of their first Spider-man film, Sony animation pictures never stopped working and refining even the formula they created with the first Spider-man film they made, and I can wholeheartedly say they didn’t just improve that formula.

They perfected it.

Spider-man Across the Spider-verse is the most fantastic superhero film ever made and singlehandedly the most remarkable animated piece of media ever created. ATSV is the sequel to Sony’s Spider-man Into the Spider-verse. The film again follows the character of Miles Morales and how he following the training of Peter Parker and all the other heroes in the first film, finds his footing and place as his universe Spider-man and what that means to him, and what he is willing to sacrifice to save the day. Showing even more Spider-man multiverse set pieces, action, story, and MORE SPIDER-MAN. The film is incredible and shows just how far you can take this level of visual storytelling. Even though the first film was so ground-breaking in the medium, they essentially took that film and built upon it so much that it is not only a sequel worthy of the Spider-man name but also a vast improvement over the first film. I do not want to spoil the movie since it’s only just been released, and I want everyone to experience it fresh, unspoiled, for the first time. Sony is slated to release the final film in the trilogy around March 2024 and make sure you’re ready for that date because it will slam the then-greatest Spider-man film into the ground.


Spider-man into the Spider-verse (2018): 10/10


Spider-man Across the Spider-verse (2023): 10/10