We Are Teachers

Mr Padget (teacher)

WE ARE teachers is written from the perspective of ‘teacher to student’ and aims to generate a level of empathy and understanding towards teachers in order to deepen the sense of community in our College. A positive relationship with your teachers will improve the quality of the learning environment and the significance of your education at William Clarke College. By understanding a little more about the lives of teachers, perhaps you may consider them a little more in your daily life at the College. 


WE ARE Human Beings 

This may seem like an unlikely concept. Ridiculous even. But have you considered the possibility that your teachers are human beings? It may just be the case that those people who stand up and demand your attention in the classroom go home to their families, play sports, watch TV and have lives outside of school.  

All jokes aside, obviously students are aware of this. But how often do you consider the implications of the fact that teachers are human beings? Further to hobbies, teachers also have emotions and feelings too. This makes us just as vulnerable to stress, exhaustion, and bad days as anyone else. It is important to respect the humanity of your teachers and try to remember that we are doing our best to balance personal lives with responsibilities as educators. 


WE ARE Passionate 

Above maybe all else, we are passionate about teaching. But what is teaching? The role of the teacher has gone far beyond that of a conveyer of information. We seek to enable students to flourish in the areas of academic proficiency, enterprise skills and character development. Teachers want to encourage, challenge, guide and comfort. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward. Passion is contagious. It can inspire you to engage more deeply with your learning and to discover your own passions and interests. We are also willing to go above and beyond to ensure you have the best school experience possible. Whether it be that new awesome explore course you love, or the game of football your teacher stayed back to coach, it is simply impossible for us to do it without passion.  


WE ARE Decision Makers 

Teachers make A LOT of decisions. In fact, sources suggest up to 1,500 educational decisions each day. These can have to do with behaviour, lesson planning, feedback and more. There is a phenomenon known as ‘decision-making fatigue’ that impacts many professions, particularly teachers. It occurs when teachers become mentally exhausted after making a series of decisions. When we experience decision-making fatigue, we may find it difficult to maintain our focus and attention, leading to reduced effectiveness in teaching. Students can acknowledge this by placing a high value on learning, and by reducing their own actions that may force teachers to have to make many decisions, particularly very avoidable instances of misbehaviour.  


WE ARE At the End of the Article 

I am extremely hopeful that this very short article was informative for you and gave you a little more insight into the life of a teacher. We have chosen this profession because we care about students and our community. As we are going into the holidays, consider ways that teachers and students can keep working together to make the safest, most inclusive and fun school that we possibly can.  

Key Points 

TEACHERS ARE human beings with unique personalities, passions, and experiences that shape their teaching styles and interactions with students.  

TEACHERS ARE passionate about teaching and are dedicated to inspiring their students to reach their full potential.  

TEACHERS ARE decision-makers who must make countless choices every day that impact their students’ education, and they take this responsibility seriously. 


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*This article was written as a part of Teacher Takeover.