Your Curated Following Feed

Molly B (Year 8), Chief Contributor

Do you ever get random posts showing up on your social media without request? Ever feel like you’ll never find a creator who posts genuinely good content? Look no further, as you have just stumbled across the article to answer the questions for all your social media needs. Here are five social media accounts that are worth a follow, from different genres suited to your liking.    

1.     Kylie Jenner  

Deservingly, King Kylie takes the cake for her dominant presence on Instagram. She’s currently got 380 million followers and never disappoints. Not only is she posting content with her adorable kids, Stormi and Aire (alongside partner Travis Scott), but she also delivers when it comes to recognising her brands. Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Swim are two self-made businesses she established within the last few years and in my opinion, are both worth buying. Additionally, she posts heaps of photos for crazy events like the annual Kardashian Christmas party and doesn’t hesitate to go all out on entertainment for her fans. If you’re into fashion, makeup, and luxury, then I would point you in the direction of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account.   

2.     Sara Echeagaray 

Sara Echeagaray is an acting persona, prominent on TikTok where she has 7.6 million followers. She often posts acting videos to sounds from popular TV shows and movies such as Outer Banks and Don’t Worry Darling. Additionally, she creates acting challenges for young people eager to develop their acting abilities. Considering the mass amount of cringey acting accounts circulating TikTok, I think it’s fair to say Sara Echeagaray is worth the while, especially because she has made it as far as starring in a Disney TV show, Big Shot. However, acting isn’t the only thing that goes viral on her account. She frequently posts about fashion trends, makeup challenges, events, and more. If you’re entertained by short acting videos or are interested in improving your acting skills, then Sara Echeagaray’s is the account for you.  

3.     The Arnold Sisters  

I know we’ve all heard the war stories about family YouTube channels, but amongst the stress and chaos stands one family worth your time, The Arnold Sisters. The Arnold Sisters consists of Lindsay, Jensen, Brynley, and Rylee Arnold who currently have 151k subscribers on YouTube. They often upload content with their husbands and children where they talk about funny stories involving their kids’ unusual habits. They give advice on good products to use, and even include videos to clear up any false rumours that fans have made. If you’re keen on finding an entertaining and (somewhat) realistic family channel on YouTube, then head towards The Arnold Sisters account.  

 4.     Spencer Barbosa   

Spencer Barbosa’s TikTok account is an empowering page about body positivity and self-confidence. She’s currently got 8.4 million followers on the platform, who agree that no matter what shape or size you are, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. She posts about her imperfections to prove that everyone should be treated the same no matter what, while encouraging her followers to embrace their own “flaws” that society has made them insecure about. She also posts realistic vlogs on what she eats in a day, while also mentioning the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. If you feel like you need some positive affirmations and want to start feeling more comfortable within yourself, Spencer Barbosa is the girl for you!  

5.     The Sturniolo Triplets  

The Sturniolo Triplets is a YouTube channel run by the brothers Nic, Matt, and Chris. Currently, they’ve got 4.09 million subscribers and are most known for their random videos. Their content ranges from talk of things like French toast, to Clifford the Big Red Dog. They also post video’s doing fun challenges and even go into depth about serious topics like sexuality and accepting everyone for face value. They’ve gained enough popularity in the last two years to put them on tour around the U.S., and fans have said nothing but positive things. They’re respected for being comedic, honest, and certainly entertaining. If you want some genuinely fun content, then head to the Sturniolo Triplets YouTube account.    

Whether you’ve discovered a new social media creator to follow or have recognised familiar accounts from your own following, hopefully this article has allowed you to curate your following feed by what interests you the most.  

What accounts would you include in your top 5?