The Mystery of Melisa Caddick


Shikka Shah (Year 8), Chief Contributor

The 12th of November 2020, the day Melisa Caddick ran away from her home, ran away from her life and carried nothing with her except the shock of the nation. Now 2 years later, we are still uncovering more secrets to this dark, uncracked mystery.  

Melisa Caddick was a woman of many lives. At home she was a loving mother to her son and a caring wife to her husband. On the job she was a prosperous financial planner to her clients and co-workers. But to the rest of us she was, and remains, a missing con-woman who successfully stole investor funds over the past decade. Successfully only, of course, until the Australian Securities and Investments Commission raided her house shortly before she vanished.  

On November 11th the ASIC raided Melisa Caddick’s 6.8-million-dollar house after she was allegedly operating a financial services business without a valid licence. Along with this, she was deceiving over 72 investors (including her own mother) to invest in a fake source whilst stealing over 20 million dollars of so called ‘investor funds’ to better her lifestyle. Melisa’s life of lies all began at her first job at NRMA where she would fake her position to get promotions. Later she worked at an investment firm where she got fired for forging her bosses name on cheques and finally, she bought the shares of a successful financial planning business which ultimately betrayed her previous success. Upon the house raid, it was discovered that many of her items such as cutlery was stolen from restaurants over the years 

In 2020, less than a day after the home raid, Melisa Caddick went missing. With her, she took nothing: no phone, no car, no money, just her running shoes. By the time she was due to make an appearance in court on the 13th of November, she had been missing for over 24 hours with her husband (Mr Koletti) beginning to grow fearful. An inquest was told that Mr Koletti had not reported his wife missing until later that day when she was last seen 30 hours ago.  

A week after his wife went missing Mr Koletti made a public appeal for information on his wife. Three silent months passed by and no evidence or witnesses after Melissa Caddick’s disappearance. That was until a shocking piece of evidence allowed police to make inferences about what really happened to Ms Caddick… 

The only viable piece of evidence to determine Melissa Caddick’s fate came in February 2021 when a decomposed foot was found on Bournda beach a destination almost 400 km’s away from where Melissa Caddick was last seen.  

It has been over two years since anyone has last seen Melisa Caddick and police are still hunting down theories and answers to this twisted case. In the past week police formed a theory about what happened in the first 30 hours of Melisa Caddick’s disappearance (before she was reported missing by her husband).  

The senior cop in charge of this investigation believes that the missing fraudster had taken her own life by jumping from cliffs near her Sydney Eastern Suburbs home. This was believed to have happen just hours after “her house of cards came tumbling down”. Another theory suggests that Ms Caddick had gone on a jog after the ASIC and federal police raided her home and, in that time, she had been kidnapped or murdered.  

The future of this case remains undecided along with the fate of Melisa Caddick’s clients who are yet to receive their compensation even two years after this incident. The inquest will continue, however, no matter what, the Melisa Caddick mystery is one of the most intriguing and notorious missing persons case in Australian history.