Demon Slayer: An Anime for Everyone

Demon Slayer: An Anime for Everyone

Joshua M (Year 12), Chief Contributor

The ideas and themes of a fantasy, action, and adventure film has changed a lot over time across different media platforms. As an anime fan, I have observed that Demon Slayer is one of the most profound series in the genre because it is the same as all the others. Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I go and read or watch Demon Slayer if it isn’t any different to any other action-adventure film?” Well, Demon Slayer takes the strengths of the genre and uses them to its fullest. Demon Slayer has great characters, an interesting setting and story, and above all else, amazing fights. 

Demon Slayer is a story of loss and explores the importance of never giving up. Yes, that might sound a bit simple, but let me explain… 

 We start the story with a boy named Tanjiro who lives with his family. They live happily in the snowy mountains of 1910s Japan with Tanjiro being the oldest of 6 kids and having a widowed mother. The family makes a living by selling charcoal to the nearby village, and one day when Tanjiro goes to sell the charcoal, he notices that the sun has almost set and races home. Realistically, this wouldn’t be a problem, but in the world of Demon Slayer, demons come out to prey on humans when it’s dark. The only line of defence humans pose, is the humans who train to kill the demons: The Demon Slayer Corps. 

  (Plot spoilers ahead) 

 Tanjiro returns home to find his whole family murdered by a demon, with the only surviving sister being transformed into a demon for some unknown reason. With the death of his family and his sister’s transformation, Tanjiro must train to become a Demon Slayer and find a cure for his sister to avenge his family.  

 The series has incredible art and visuals with each manga panel or scene in the anime being a masterpiece. The visuals are further used through the anime’s many intense fights where demons and Demon Slayers use their many techniques and skills to fight to the death and for the right to live another day. Demon Slayer has the demons and Demon Slayers using different fighting styles and moves, where the Demon Slayers use swords with different elemental breathing styles to aid them in combat as they fuse the elements into attacks. Each Demon Slayer usually specialises in a different elemental type of breathing e.g., water, flame or even thunder or mist.  

 Demon Slayer is an amazing series, evoking emotion through its many incredibly satisfying story arcs that use the greatest strengths of the genre to its favour with some of the most amazing animation I have ever seen. Demon Slayer is a show I would recommend to a first anime watcher, or even to someone as obsessed with the genre as myself.  

 An easy 10/10 Bin Chickens