Bye, Bye, Branwhite

Willy C (Year 0), Contributor

You would think that, by now, the incoming Year 12’s would have some sense of maturity and the ability to decipher what is right, and what is wrong.  

Apparently not.  

Recently, for those who do not know, Year 12 was kicked out of the Branwhite Centre. Why? That’s a great question! Because they were throwing food around the booths. That’s right. Year 12 got kicked out of the Branwhite Centre because they took a trip back to kindergarten and decided to throw food around. At each other. Into surrounding booths. 

After being kicked out of the Branwhite Centre for two weeks now, hopefully the minority throwing food around have learnt their lesson. Most of the Year 12 cohort (including those throwing food), however, has not appreciated the outdoors. At all.  

With most complaining about the wind, rain, and now the stinking hot temperatures and sunburn, exposure to the weather is not something that they were looking forward to when beginning year 12. Some are complaining that this form of punishment was not the best route to take as those who are throwing food do not seem to care, which has created a division between the rest of the grade and the ‘guilty’. Furthermore, those who do not have leadership positions have found it quite annoying that those with seem to think that this punishment has been great. This leaves the unbadged leaders to become frustrated as they believe that the badged leaders cannot attest to the ‘outcomes’ as they are barely outside themselves and have not been fully immersed in the environment.  

With faults still occurring within the grade, like playing obnoxiously loud music around campus, this grade punishment has proven to be not all bad.  

Being kicked outside has forced people to mingle with those that they wouldn’t have spoken to previously. In observing the year 12’s outside, I have noticed that people from completely different cliques have come together over a mutual interest, handball. What has been even more intriguing to witness is the year 12’s association with the year 10s on the basketball court and the friendships that are being built over their choice of pastime.  

Conversations in classrooms are more diverse across friendship groups and people are starting to come together, as a grade about to sit their HSC should.  

With the first year 12 assessment period underway, the grade needs to become closer more than ever so that they can help and support each other. And that is exactly what is happening. People are starting to hold subject specific study days at their house for their entire class to benefit from the sharing of ideas and notes.  

Whilst year 12 will never appreciate being kicked outside, and no student will tolerate food throwing anymore, it is safe to say that this group punishment is a beneficial one. One that brings people together and has forced people to be more appreciative of the facilities that they have been provided in the Branwhite Centre.  

Maybe people will stay outside to enjoy handball and basketball, solving the issue of limited space in the upper Branwhite Level.  

Perhaps year 12 has even learnt a lesson and will grow from their mistakes.  

Oh! By the way, if year 12 is well behaved, insider information tells me that they will be let back into the Branwhite Centre sometime over the next week. Just don’t get yourselves kicked back out… again.  


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