The ASX Sharemarket Game – Worth investing your time?

Patrick M (Year 10), Contributor

Note: Over the years, many people have called me a nerd. This article will prove them right. 

The ASX sharemarket game, for those who are not familiar with it – is a game run by the Australian Securities Exchange that allows anybody from across the world to simulate investing $50,000 into shares and can be used to test strategies or investments without risking any money. The game runs in seasons (well before Fortnite ever did) and prizes of up to $3000 are given out to the top performers. 

In 2019, my friends and I discovered that, despite not being able to participate in the “schools” game, we could play against the general public in the main game. So, with absolutely no strategy, experience, or knowledge, we created a team (known as a league) and dived in the deep end. In the beginning, our investments were based on little more than where we shopped (some of us bought Woolies stocks, while the civilised among us invested in Coles), or maybe we had a good experience on a QANTAS flight.  

As the years went by, we came across multiple stocks that became a running joke in our group. Little did we know that the laughingstock of our group would almost bring us to first place… 

The second season of 2022 saw our first big success. I participated in a league with the infamous We Are writer Dimitri N, and we had declared Qantas (QAN) to be our saving grace. However, this purchase, along with others such as Flight Centre and Webjet, brought to us soaring profits, due to the easing of COVID restrictions on flights. Our league “QAN or Bust” shot up to first place. All we had to do was hold that position, and the $1000 cash prize would surely be ours. 

Three weeks before the season close, disaster strikes. A rival team, only known as “MORE CHILLI”, were climbing the rankings for some time, and overtook our team. Time was running out, but we held out hope that they would crash. That was until our misplaced trust in A2M saw us fall to 6th place. In our bitterness, I vowed to never drink A2 Milk again… 

Maybe, after reading this article, you have seen the boundless opportunity to better your friends in “Adulting” or want a break from your homework (scandalous!) and want to play the game. If so, here are some tips that I followed for success, and others I learnt a little too late. (These tips are only for use in the game, not on the actual market. We Are does not recommend that you invest in the market without professional advice)  


  • Take unnecessary risks. As the game only lasts 6 months, and you only lose your pride when getting it wrong, it is ok to put up greater risk for a greater reward. 
  • Invest all available funds. Your in-game cash isn’t doing anything sitting in your profile, so it is best to spend early. 
  • This website is your best friend in the game, as it shows your past performance of the stock and gives a rough indicator of how it may perform. 

DO NOT’s: 

  • Invest small amounts. As the game charges you for every transaction you make, it is best to put larger amounts into stocks to make the most of the flat fee charged for making a transaction. 
  • Invest in Domino’s Pizza. 2020 was not a successful year and I don’t want to talk about it. 
  • Listen to Anson L for advice. He has many talents, but this game was not one of them. Sorry, Anson 🙁