ComicCon – Let’s Nerd Out


Marcellus S (Year 12), Designer

Well, it’s that time of year once more! Oz ComicCon is just around the corner, and here is how you can get excited about one of the biggest events for nerds in Sydney!  

For those who are unfamiliar with comic conventions, they are the culmination of various aspects of pop culture. These aspects can include comics (obviously from the name), gaming, art, board games, and roleplay, just to name a few.  

Every year, a convention is organised which invites a select number of people or organisations to open a store. These stores can range from many things, including art, stickers, pins, prop replicas, and even fully customised costumes if you’re lucky! For all the gamers out there, there is an allocated part of the convention that has a mini Esports area as well as a station to watch someone play a speedrun of a game (speed running is basically completing a game as fast as possible). So with all of that explained, let’s get into some of the things that you can look forward to at Oz ComicCon this year! 

One of the most common things that you can find and do at Oz ComicCon, or any convention for that matter, is cosplay! Dressing up as your favourite characters from any game, book, comic, or movie can be one of the most challenging, yet fun experiences when going to a convention. People can spend weeks or even months preparing their costumes, going down to the smallest details to make them as accurate as possible. It is very admirable and very satisfying to see how much effort was put into their costumes. What’s more, fun is the interactions that can occur during the convention; fans running up to them for a photo or to simply say hello. One of the goofier interactions that could happen is when the same character meets up with themselves, resulting in massive groups of a single character unleashing pure chaos. The most popular gathering would have to be the Spider-Men and Spider-Women. If you would consider cosplaying for this year’s convention, by all means, go for it! Oh, and if you happen to find a Matthew Murdock on the first day of the convention, that is most likely me! 

The most popular part of any convention is the shopping! These stores can sell anything from collectors’ items, art, comics, props, games, and more! Some of the stores that are set up at the convention can have huge crowds waiting to purchase their items. The standout store area at Oz ComicCon is definitely Artist Alley. Artist Alley consists of multiple artists in Sydney and beyond who sell their artworks as well as custom-made items such as pins, clothes, hats, and stickers! A few artists I would recommend visiting would be Zarpindom, Scott Oakley, Jackson Caspersz, and Sam Studio. They create amazing things, each in their own unique style! There are more than just artists in Artist Alley. There are people that specialise in making their own custom jewellery, clothing, lightsabers, and even props…At Oz ComicCon, there is a store for everyone! 

One final thing to mention is the friends that you can make throughout the day. People can become friends through their shared interests or hobbies, creating connections that can last for quite some time. If you go to Oz ComicCon, why do it alone? Bring your friends and nerd out for the day! When I went to Oz ComicCon last year with my friends, it was one of the best days of my life. We just had tonnes of fun wandering around, checking out the different sections of the con, and having lunch on a hill. Bringing friends is something that will make the experience all the better!  

Oz ComicCon arrives at Sydney Showground on 24th September and goes until 25th September! I hope this article has helped bring the excitement to WCC and has encouraged others to try something new or further indulge in their interests! Excelsior!