The Return of the Singing Comp!


Carli S (Year 9), Chief Contributor

Everyone’s favorite house competition was finally back after 2 years of being canceled. Secondary School united together in houses on the sports centre stage and sang their hearts out – the air in the sports centre was filled with energy and excitement as everyone waited for their chance to shine.  

This was my first singing competition, and I must say for the past 2 years we have really been missing out. From spending a more time with my house to uniting together and trying our best, it really was one of my favorite events of the year! It was incredible to watch younger students get up on the stage and sing their hearts out, displaying extreme courage to even sing a solo. Singing and music bring our community so much joy, and getting to spend time bonding with my house through music was an amazing experience.  

As the amazing MCs Mr. Byrne and Mrs. Murray got everyone excited with some light banter, Darling made their way onto the stage, starting off the comp well with their remixed interpretation on ‘Hakuna Matata’. The Disney classic had the audience swaying along. The house that followed was Hassell who matched Darling’s Disney theme with ‘Where You Are’ from the film Moana. A mix in the order made Warren perform their take on ‘Mamma Mia’ – which had everyone dancing. Johnson had a very courageous year 7 soloist that made the whole school cheer them on. Next was Langdon, who wowed the school with their performance of ‘Hard Knock Life’ and had some amazing live music coming from the band. White was next, bringing everyone’s favorite childhood musical back to life by singing, ‘We’re All In This Together’. One of the best bands of all time (in my opinion) was brought into the spotlight as Andrews sang ABBA’s classics. Finally, the best house (totally not biased) was Robinson who performed the Greatest Showman’s ‘This Is Me’, the best way possible to end the secondary singing competition. 

Of course, all houses were outstanding (especially Robinson), but the judges were left with the difficult decision of picking the winner for this year. I can’t imagine how hard this decision must have been because all the performances were so good. The final placings are: 

  1. Warren  
  2. Andrews 
  3. Hassell
  4. White  
  5. Johnson  
  6. Robinson  
  7. Darling  
  8. Langdon 

The people choice award: Andrews 

Obviously, this day couldn’t have happened without the support of the many Year 11’s that helped along with the aid of the mentors and House Coordinators. I also think we should thank our Judges: Mr. Tredinnick, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Stillen, and Mr. Peachey, as well as Mr. Christie and his student team who were massive helpers on the technical side of the event. It was inspiring to see everyone getting involved and even having the courage to sing solos … I can’t wait until next year!