Local Dr prefers Scotch

We Are Editorial Team

Shock. Confusion. Anger. Distress.  

These are but some of the emotions felt by members of the WCC community after hearing the news that Dr. Marsh would be moving to Scotch College after 14 years at WCC.  

Commencing as headmaster in 2017, most of the current Year 12 and Secondary school have only known William Clarke under Dr. Marsh. As the 6th and final chapter of the Dr’s tenure closes, we thought it would be best to recap some of the highlights of this ever eventful 6-year period.  


1. 2017… What happened to the logo?   

Compared to the latter years of the Dr’s reign 2017 was rather dull and uneventful. There was the occasional Headmaster’s Assembly, where the students learned the importance of virtues and singing along in assembly. Otherwise, a microphone would be shoved in front of their face for the whole school to hear them sing out of tune.  

Other than that, some keen eyes spotted a difference in the WCC logo and noted a few more signs advertising WCC around Kellyville, which still remain. These signs having only recently been given a new image, how fitting, 6 years later, it’s like a circle, it’s like poetry.  

Someone will also have to confirm whether it was 2017 when Dr. Marsh and the Swampies (we can’t totally recall the name but that sounds right) performed at assembly and declared that he was “not an eshay”. Please contact us if you have any further information.  


2. 2018… Tutor feels different and what happened to the U?  

2018 came around and something didn’t feel right… No, it wasn’t that choccy milk was sold out by 1:15pm at lunchtime, that was normal. Was it the year 7’s and 8’s suddenly wearing white shirts? Yes. But there was something else…  

Most of the secondary school now wouldn’t know but Tutor (the previous name for Mentor) was actually vertical, across grades, years 5-8 and 9-12. In 2018 this had been siloed into single grades. At the time this was potentially the most controversial change in the history of the college. How naïve we were back then.  

Oh, also the Branwhite Centre began construction in 2018. How sad it was to say goodbye to the U and half the oval, which was now home to those cosy demountables.  

Maybe we should shout out the infringement system which got introduced this year. Incredibly innovative and ahead of its time!  


3. 2019… Is the building finished yet?  

Anyone else remember what happened this year? When was the college song introduced? Our memory is getting really foggy…  

Well, we’re saying the college song was made this year (it was probably 2018 though). And what a song it was, declaring the college mission statement, and virtues all in one lyrical masterpiece. The virtues by the way have been changed slightly, test your classroom teacher and see if they know the updated version. If not, shame on them.  


4. 2020… ‘woahhhh so that’s what it’s meant to be’ 

No one really needs a recap of this incredible year. Other than to highlight the Branwhite Centre was finally finished. And this also came with the erecting of Inner Gold. A fantastic monument and emblem of the Dr’s reign. Perhaps future generations will look at it and ask, “Is that William Clarke?” to which older students will reply, “No that is Dr Marsh”. Probably better than them thinking it’s Charles Darwin, with his racist and misogynist views (it does look like him though).  

Oh and don’t get too attached to your house…  


5. 2021… R.I.P Claydon, Knox, Hamlin and Chapman   

The final year of the 12-house system and what a system it was. WCC students of old will tell you their fond memories of house, the rivalries, the wins, the losses. 12, such an unnecessarily large number, yet it worked so well somehow.  

Alas, this system was slowly being replaced (way back in 2018) by probably the logistically easier ‘grade-centred’ structure.  

And which house would win this for the final time. No one really remembers. Except for people in that house. You’ll have to ask around to figure it out.  


6. 2022… where’d the bells go?  

The question on everyone’s lips at the start of the year: “Where’d the bells go?”. Staff and students were equally confused, some staff even falsely promising that they’d be back within a couple of weeks. It took about a term and a half to get them back. After learning that the Dr himself had been meddling behind the scenes, propelled by his own hatred for the old-fashioned instrument.  

Then there was the 3-period timetable, WCC had well and truly transformed, into what you ask? We have no idea, we just know ‘2022 WCC’ is fundamentally different to previous iterations. Kind of like Iron Man and all his different suits.  

Year 7-10 also got a whole new curriculum which we’ve heard goes swimmingly, particularly for those doing oceanography (yeah that was low by our standards).  

The M.Y.C.A.H. period will also go down in legend as an iconic part of 2022, not really knowing whether it’s assembly this week, Chapel in the PA hall or is it mentor or house? No one really knows the teachers just make it up as they go we reckon.  


Well, that’s all the changes we can recall. If we’ve missed any feel free to let us know in the comment section… Oh, wait we haven’t got that far with the site yet. Which reminds us.  

We Are would like to publicly thank Dr Marsh for rolling the dice on such an ambitious project as this site. We highly doubt Scotch College has such a prestigious Student Media initiative, not that it matters or anything…  

More generally, thank you Dr Marsh for your energetic and passionate leadership. For so consistently championing the performing arts (we got it, you love singing), encouraging participation (and leading by example there, perhaps too much), for talking ceaselessly about the importance of virtues and character, and for making so clear your view that Christ should be placed at the centre of any ‘good life’. We wish you and your family every blessing as you trudge southward to the bleak city of Melbourne, and pray that God’s Word remains a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. 

To provide some closing words of comfort to those who may have been distressed by this sudden departure. It is not the headmaster or teachers that make a school a ‘school’ but the students. The spirit and culture of our school have always been, and will always be, set by the students. Staff come and go, buildings come and go, but ultimately it is the students who shape the traditions and vibe of the school.  

The anthem of past, present and future WCC students rings loud and clear:  

We Are William Clarke College