The Wide World of ‘Book-Tok’

Grace C (Year 10), Chief Contributor

Edited by Liv S (Year 12)

Social media is one of the most widely used and consumed forms of media. People, young and old, use it daily. It has become so engrained in our society, with some arguing it contributes to defining our culture. As the younger generation – Generation Z – we are always told about the very real dangers of social media usage… but is that all to social media?  

Currently in our generation, social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram that have taken a massive incline in users, with teenagers being attached to their screens on the daily. Whether it be dances, comedic videos, or just making your own video, the norm of our generation will do this all day – every day.  

Yet, although many look down upon it, it is platforms like this that have opened up so many more opportunities for us for inspiration and action – social media has become an area of occupation, with “influencers” being at an all-time high almost being celebrities. Although being a celebrity once seemed only attainable in our dreams, social media has really opened the floor to us – with it being so accessible, virtually anyone can become an “influencer” if they find a niche that works for them. 

For those who aspire to influence the world in ways that are less “out-there,” social media can continue to facilitate! Social media has become a major platform for people worldwide to connect based on common interests and similar minds, allowing connections to flourish and collaboration to really grow. One example of people who have found others who share the same interests that truly stands out to me is a subgroup within TikTok called ‘BookTok’. They have created what is basically an online book club that encourages people to read more. They can post reviews, advertise and of course recommendations.  

With social media’s significant influence, this group has really changed the lives of some authors; author Colleen Hoover of the book “It Ends with Us” is getting a second and wind, her book climbing the sales charts, reflecting its popularity in ‘BookTok.’ There is even now talk and plans for a movie adaptation of the book – which for so long, received barely any attention – let alone success! 

So many authors have had books entirely promoted for them through the app, some of my favourites being, ‘They Both Die at the End’ by Adam Silvera, ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid and ‘The Song of Achilles’ by Madeline Miller. 

It is social media that has really shown our generation that people really hold so much power – and they don’t even know it! It is small online communities like this that make social media worth using, unlocking its many potential benefits. Even though the internet can be a dark place, it is looking for the bright stars amidst the darkness of the web that makes all the difference! 

I know you all have TikTok on your phones… So why not search #BookTok and get a load of the ever-evolving bookworms!