“Your Ticket Should Say…URINETOWN!”

Abbie W (Year 12)

Urinetown the musical, skilfully directed by Mr Trennery, is brought to life with a powerful opening piece by the orchestra and conductor Mr Morrison. From then on, the audience’s attention is captured by the entrance of Officer Lockstock – played by Josiah L (Year 12) – as he suspiciously scans around the audience with his flashlight, ensuring the place is in order. The stage then lights up with a green haze, instantly creating a sense of unease and misfortune, as the people of the town awake to their life of drudgery and hardship. From then on, it only gets better.  

Urinetown is about a town crippled by water restrictions, forcing its people to pay to perform basic functions – in particular, they must pay to pee. The private company who owns the public bathrooms is Urine Good Company led by the cruel Mr Cladwell, played by Ryan M (Year 11). At Public Amenity #9, it is Miss Pennywise and Bobby Strong who are in charge of ensuring the people pay before they pee, played by Steph M (Year 12) and Sam W (Year 12) alike. Miss Pennywise displays her vocal talents in a stellar performance reminding us that it is a ‘Privilege to Pee’. Those who don’t comply with the town’s rules… get sent to Urinetown. What is Urinetown? No one knows for sure… As they are never heard from again.  

By the end of Act 1, the poor people of the town have started an uprising under the leadership of Bobby Strong, and have kidnapped Mr Cladwell’s daughter, Hope, played by Audrey A (Year 10). This culminates in the Act 1 finale, with the entire ensemble present on stage in one of the show’s biggest numbers!  

After the intermission, Act 2 is underway similar to Act 1, with Officer Lockstock narrating to the audience and reminding them where the story is up too. With the rebel poor in a secret hideout with Hope Cladwell tied to a toilet, Mr Cladwell is becoming impatient and furious that the uprising has not be snuffed out and his daughter found. Act 2 rides off the momentum that accrued at the end of Act 1, with multiple high energy numbers, such as ‘Snuff That Girl’, led by the high energy Hot Blades Harry and Little Becky, played by Mia A (Year 12) and Rosalie B (Year 12). Act 2 flies by with multiples twists and turns, but not without the dramatic tension and emotion which pervades each scene.  

By the end of the show, the audience will have laughed and cried in this brilliant satirical comedy that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself and other musicals. The performance is filled with moments of amazing choreography that is timed to precision and is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the cast and all involved. Numerous chorus moments and dance numbers – choreographed by Mrs Woods, Mia E (Year 12) and Rosalie B (Year 12) – highlight the diverse range of skills of the cast and add another layer of theatricality and sophistication to the musical. Furthermore, the numerous set designs add to the unsettling and hopeless atmosphere of the town, reflecting the hardship the townsfolk face. Transitions were performed quick and effortlessly through the help of backstage crew, adding to the fluidity of the performance. Moreover, the live orchestra performed numerous pieces that further captured the tone of each moment and enthralled the audience into the world of Urinetown.  

The principals who brilliantly embodied their characters, should be shouted out. There’s the careless and courageous Joseph “Old Man” Strong, played by Soren W (Year 12), fed up with the town’s unreasonable policies, and his wife Josephine “Old Ma” Strong played by Brielle C (Year 12). Officer Barrel played by Connor M (Year 12), the stern partner of Lockstock – but at times incompetent – law enforcer. Officer Lockstock’s co-narrator, the hopeful and high-spirited, Little Sally – played by Olivia S (Year 12). Other principal characters (not already mentioned) include: Maddy C (Year 12) playing Mrs Millenium, Mia E (Year 12) playing Billy Boy Bill, Abigail FM (Year 11) playing Soupy Sue, Zoe L (Year 12) as Senator Fipp, Vince B (Year 12) as Mr McQueen, Lachlan C (Year 10) as Tiny Tom, Jazz D (Year 12) as Robby the Stockfish, and Bailey R (Year 12) playing Dr Billeaux. The principals only make up a proportion of the whole ensemble who meshed well together as the Poor and UGC alike.  

After many rehearsals and long hours of practice, the cast and crew of Urinetown worked together to create a truly spectacular performance. Urinetown is a play about mob-mentality, the power of love to conquer hate, and the way vengeance can threaten our morality. The performance is filled with a variety of memorable characters who bring the musical to life, and bring the audience along on an emotional journey. The work of the orchestra and lighting team, as well as the directorial choices of Mr Trenerry, all contributed to creating a musical that is unique, captivating, and done with flair.  

It is an absolute must see! 

You can still purchase tickets for the show below (only $10 for students):