The Downfall of Marvel

Marziyah P (Year 9)


For over a decade, Marvel Studios have consistently dominated the box office with their superhero films captivating audiences worldwide and redefining the genre. From Iron Man’s debut in 2008 to Avengers: Endgame’s satisfying, riveting, and emotional ending, the MCU seemed unstoppable. However, as time went on, signs of decline began to emerge.  

I honestly think the problem began when they decided to kill off the leading character. How can Mr Stark ever be replaced? It was not the right move by MCU. Couldn’t they have just killed off a side character or even written the ending differently?  

But I will let you guys decide on that one… 

As a result of the rapid decline in alive iconic characters, Marvel created another blow for themselves, leaving a void that proved challenging to fill. The departure of beloved characters like Iron Man and Captain America meant losing fan favourites, resulting in diminished interest and a lack of emotional investment from audiences. 

Speaking of characters, you would think that after losing iconic heroes Marvel would plan to introduce exciting new characters to keep audiences engaged. However, that proved to not be their plan. It’s almost as if Marvel doesn’t care about spending time focusing on a character’s backstories and arcs anymore. As a result, these newcomers don’t have the opportunity to shine or even make an impact on audiences. Marvel Studios have stabbed themselves in the back with their audience’s perception that “all new characters are bad”. 

Additionally, Marvel writers and producers seem too obsessed with their original characters which has led to their resistance of change. Even though a change might save Marvel from their last breaths in the superhero franchise, all the new characters seem to be a copy and paste of the last with a different face. I mean, what was Adam Warlock in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Was he not just Vision from Ultron?  

Every time I go to watch a new Marvel movie, I end up successfully predicting the plot line and the ending. All I see is a different lead, setting and side characters all driven by the same old boring plot lines, leading to a continued formulaic storytelling approach. While this formula was successful initially, it has led to a sense of repetitiveness and diminished excitement amongst audiences.  

Now, don’t get me started on the TV shows… I mean, they started strong with LOKI, but they just had to ruin them. What happened to the storyline of SHE HULK? Who thought of this? Even some of the sequels to iconic Avenger’s individual movies are a disappointment. Thor: Love and Thunder…. I have no words. I was going to leave halfway through. 

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if DC overtakes Marvel, and that’s saying something. After the King of Marvel died, his legacy seemed to only last a few years before heading towards a steep decline. I think it’s fair to say Marvel needs to hand over the throne to someone willing to take risks and break the consistent cycle we are all familiar with or resign the movie franchise all together.  

What do you think?