The Coronation: The Rise of the King and the Death of the Monarchy

Hope R (Year 9), Chief Contributor

With a flood of scandals, explosive secrets, and unflattering media attention, it is quite obvious that the history of the royal family has been tumultuous. Even so, their influence over the general public has always been stable, relying on beloved figures such as the late Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana to smooth over their reputation. Yet, with the latter two deceased and the controversial King Charles manning the throne, it is safe to say the famous family’s popularity is definitively declining. Old wounds are being forced open from a new flurry of media attention, derived from the latest season of ‘The Crown’ and Prince Harry’s shocking memoir, ‘Spare’. Both draw attention to the controversial marriage of Princess Diana and Charles, and the public has made it abundantly clear that they have not forgotten about the King’s much-discussed cheating scandal, especially now that his former mistress reigns as queen.  

The media is something that has long shadowed the Windsor Families’ reign, ruling the country almost as much as the royals seem to. From bold headlines about Prince Harry’s former exploits to flurries of praise for the late Princess Diana, it seems the press is both relied on and despised to cement the family’s relevance in the modern age. With a mere 55% of young British adults supporting the monarchy, the decline in popularity can be traced back to a handful of events occurring in recent times.  


Sexual Abuse Scandal 

Prince Andrew has experienced a definitive fall from grace since rumours of his involvement with known sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein began circulating in 2019. Just two years ago, he was sued by Virgina Giurffe, who alleged the prince sexually abused her when she was just 17. From being stripped of his royal duties to facing a spew of hate online, there is no doubt that Prince Andrew’s reputation cannot be recovered. With just 7% of English Citizens having a positive viewpoint of the royal, his days in the limelight are well and truly over. This wave of negativity has also reflected on the monarchy itself, as many disagree with their decision to consistently support Prince Andrew, despite his horrific supposed crimes.  


Princess Diana’s ‘crowded’ marriage 

Despite occurring over two decades ago, the King Charles affair nevertheless remains a popular conversation topic online and in the media. His infidelity sent the public into a whirlwind and sent his mistress-turned-wife a stream of hate that continues to this day. Scathing headlines tore Camilla apart, degrading everything from her weight to her apparent lack of style. This sheer amount of dislike cemented her place as one of the least popular royals in terms of public support. The latest season of ‘The Crown’ seems to have reminded viewers of the problems they harboured with Camilla Shand. Individuals are dusting off their old grudges for the now queen and former mistakes being played over as the British public bands together in mutual hate for King Charles’ wife.  


With two players in this explosive scandal now reigning over the commonwealth, it is unclear what this means for the future of the monarchy. A quick Google search about the topic will fill you with dread over Australia’s prospects as a sovereign nation, but a few important notions must be discussed before jumping to conclusions. The Monarchy has existed for centuries, and there haven’t been many destructive protests yet. So, I leave you to form your own opinion on what will happen to the British royal family.