Timeless Series: Inside Harry’s House


From Harry Styles on Instagram

Marziyah P (Year 9), Chief Contributor

One voice. A voice that no one has been able to get out of their heads for the past decade. HARRY STYLES! He is the current ‘it boy’ of pop music.  

But how did a former boy band member, become an award-winning artist and gain a massive following individually? The short answer is his talent, his devilish looks and most recently, his style which has captured the attention of fans all over the world.  

But do these three things make him iconic enough to stand the test of time? 

 Over the past decade, the name Harry Styles has been in the public’s mouths constantly. A new season arises, and Harry Styles surprises his fans with a show, an outfit, or a song better than the last. He always finds a way to keep his fans entertained and keep himself in the spotlight.  

The hype began in 2010, when he auditioned for Simon Cowell’s X Factor. Cowell, obviously seeing 16-year-olds Harry’s potential, placed him in the boy band, One Direction. He then continued to win the hearts of many as a member of the band, when they released their hit songs “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Way or Another”.  

The vicious music industry has a flair for taking young artists like these and putting them out in the world for profit. But Styles didn’t fall into this trap unlike his fellow members in 1D. Even in the early stages of his promising career, Harry showed the world snippets of the artist he would grow into a decade later. He was never afraid of self-expression, appeared to reject social norms of masculinity and connected organically with his fan base, setting him apart from his bandmates. 

But he does have Simon Cowell to thank for his enormous success, as young Styles was able to navigate stardom and showcase his song writing talents within the boundaries of a boy group.  

Since going single, Styles has created a well-rounded name for himself as a fashion icon, performer and lyricist. The release of his 3rd solo album, Harry’s House has topped billboard charts and upheld the One Direction legacy. As a solo artist he has been internationally recognised for his talent, winning multiple Grammys, Brits, and ARIA awards.  

Even though Harry Styles has a plethora of young female fans who have followed his career since One Direction, his current fan base has become more diverse. Through his consistent advocation for kindness and positivity in his music, he has been able to create a loyal community of listeners.  

Harry Styles has set himself apart from the typical male pop artist through eccentric and boundary-pushing self-expression. GQ called him “one of the best dressed men in the world” with “elegance and bold choices”. Taking inspiration from Bowie who wore a ‘man dress’ on the cover of his album, The Man Who Sold the World, Styles wore a tailor-made lace Gucci gown on the cover of Vogue. 

Styles has also remained relevant through his appeal to modern political ideals. Due to this public profile, there has been continuous pressure about his personal life, as he has been repeatedly asked about his sexual identity. His response has been, that these questions are “outdated”. His support for the LGBTQ+ community has solidified him as a role model for young people by spreading the message that everyone should be proud of how they identify themselves and who they decide to love. 

He has continued to spread his message through artistic statements which lead to action. He performs his song, Treat People with Kindness, covered in pride flags, which welcomes the LGBTQ+ fans. 

Harry Styles has made a name for himself, from former boy band member to an influential artist in the 21st century. Styles is truly the triple threat and hopefully he continues to keep on surprising his fans through his authenticity.