The Death of Family Youtube Channels

Molly B (Year 9), Chief Contributor

 Two extremely recognised YouTube family channels both crumbling for similar reasons. ‘The Labrant Fam’ and ‘The Norris Nuts’ are two channels that have stated their only purpose online is to spread a positive and encouraging lifestyle but have proven otherwise due to their despicable behaviour and uncomfortable situations….  

 The Labrant Fam  

 ‘The Labrant Fam’ is a family channel made up of six people. It consists of parents, Cole and Savannah, and their four children: Everleigh, Posie, Zealand, and Sunday. The channel used to be just Cole, Savannah and Everleigh, however, since Cole and Savannah tied the knot in 2017, they’ve added members to their so-called “happy family”. In recent videos, it’s evident that the eldest daughter, Everleigh, is constantly left out of most situations. Fans claim that it’s because Cole Labrant isn’t Everleigh’s biological father and therefore doesn’t feel the need to treat her equally as he does her younger siblings. For example, in a video, Everleigh released a song online. Instead of praising and listening, Cole and Savannah paid attention to Everleigh’s younger sister, Posie. Additionally, Savannah describes Everleigh as “an extra pair of hands” when looking after her siblings, seemingly unfair as Everleigh is only 10 years old.   

 In 2022, ‘The Labrant Fam’ released a documentary titled “Abortion. A documentary” and viewers went crazy as to what was implied. In the documentary, Cole and Savannah talked about their beliefs and opinions on the controversial topic of abortion, but what struck a nerve with watchers was the guilt-tripping experienced. Using images and videos of their young children to convince people of what they miss out on and how important children are. People stated they mustn’t have understood other situations and that everyone has different experiences. Additionally, the comparison of abortion and the holocaust was mentioned in the 38 minutes on screen which caused fans to lose it and start abusing the entire channel.   

 There have been numerous times in which ‘The Labrant Fam’s’ pranks have gone too far but one video that especially sticks out was when they pranked Everleigh into thinking they’d given away her puppy, Carl. At the end of video when Savannah told her 4-year-old daughter it was an April fool’s joke, it had affected Everleigh so much that she refused to speak. Shoving a camera in a young girls face and telling her you’re giving your family dog away is inexcusable. The video immediately sparked backlash and caused fans to question Cole and Savannah’s morals and faith. Later, Cole and Savannah posted a follow up video explaining that they we’re remorseful about the video and that they had planned to just prank their viewers. Cole stated that they’d been pranking each other all day and he didn’t know whether his stepdaughters’ tears were real. What!? Who wouldn’t cry if their dog was being given away randomly?    

 The Norris Nuts 

 ‘The Norris Nuts’ are an Australian family channel, originally started by daughter Sabre Norris and then expanded to include parents Justin and Brooke, and then of course younger siblings Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, and Charm. ‘The Norris Nuts’ are known for their challenge videos, pranks, and unusual names, but there have been some extremely questionable moments during their career on YouTube.   

 There have been numerous times where parents Justin and Brooke have overstepped boundaries when it comes to Naz Norris. Understandably, they’ve been strict with their rules on social media and technology towards their 11-year-old daughter, but what’s not understandable is the constant sexualisation and exploitation of Naz. For example, for a video, Brooke had insisted on looking through Naz’s private photos and drafts on social media. She then came across a photo that Naz had taken recently. Not only did she claim Naz was doing “sexy eyes”, but she shared the photo with viewers and Naz’s siblings (who didn’t help the situation whatsoever). You could tell Naz was upset due to the embarrassed look on her face.   

 In 2021, ‘The Norris Nuts’ (after continuously reminding their fans that they didn’t like dogs) purchased a new furry friend. They named it Bubba and were extremely excited to have a new pet. Four days later, they posted a video sharing the unfortunate passing of their 9-week-old puppy. Father, Justin Norris, had accidentally stepped on Bubba and sadly, the young puppy didn’t survive. Yes, the news is horrible, but it gets worse. A month later, they released the news that they’d got another puppy and named it Winky. Completely ignoring the fact that they had only just lost their puppy and seemed to lack any sympathy towards it.    

Another unusual thing is the rules they’ve created for 18-year-old daughter, Sabre Norris. She still shares a bedroom with her younger siblings including her 14-year-old brother, Biggy, which viewers have stated is weird. In a video, Sabre shared her feelings on the matter, telling fans that she would like her own room and that because she’s 18 she deserves that privacy. However, Sockie seemed to disagree, saying “fine then, move out! You’ve got two legs, move out!” creating a strange environment within the family.  

There are plenty more examples of the strange shenanigans that these family channels get up to, but for now we’ll focus on these moments. The amount of inappropriate content that’s uploaded and made to be “for the loyal followers” is shocking. Exploitation of young children, constant uncomfortable situations being put out there for views… These channels need to seriously get it under control and figure out what’s right to post and what’s not.