From Designers to Discounts: Kmart’s Recent Success

Marziyah P (Year 8), Chief Contributor

Forget about the latest designer closet featuring Louis Vuitton, Gucci and YSL – Kmart is now ready to take over and begin a new era. This turn of events is being confirmed by the plethora of home décor and fashion trends overtaking social media platforms. Over the past few decades, Kmart has gone from a failing bargain brand to the nation’s one stop shop for essentials. All thanks to the hundreds of posts on the media mentioning the retailer in the past year.  

In the earlier 2000’s, Kmart’s reputation was cheap one-use items, that were popular amongst blue collar workers and middle-class families. Even though these audiences are continuing to stay for the bargain, other audiences also want in as Kmart is upping their fashion game to offer affordable clothing that lasts.  

At the front of Kmart’s revolution are hundreds of influencers promoting must-buy products and creating Kmart hacks. However, these dubbed ‘Kmart influencers’ aren’t earning a single cent, despite being responsible for reviving the label, with trendy styling and creative content. Posts and photos are over glamorising, making the Kmart attire look more expensive than the price tag. These Kmart Mum Lovers were keen to stress, that ‘they haven’t earned a dollar from this, and they are cool with it’. ‘Some people like to go running and get the thrill out of that, but I just like to run in Kmart – that’s my cardio,’ Dani – @luxeandlemondade told 

No wonder checkouts have long lines, and the shelves are empty. Kmart has become everyone’s favourite one stop shop. I mean what’s not to love, it offers cheap, aesthetic clothing and homeware. 

Although, what are the must have items that many Kmart lovers are raving about?
Many travellers are going wild, excited to spend less on travel essentials and more on the actual experience, as a $15 dollar item hits the shelves. 

We all have been in the situation – forced to rearrange an entire suitcase because our whole wardrobe doesn’t fit.  

But, not to worry Kmart has found the solution, a seven-piece packing cube to help organise and sort out your clothes. It’s perfect to stay organised when packing and if packing is easy, unpacking is even easier. 

Additionally, TikTok Mum hacks, such as curved coffee table makeovers, round hanging shelf gets an upgrade and a Rattan planter becomes a doll beds, are saving many families wallets. As Australians suffer from skyrocketing inflation rates, there is one big winner making a profit. Kmart has profited by an astonishing $475 million dollars in the first 6 months of this year. It’s a good time to be a discount retailer as customers have continued to respond positively to Kmart’s lowest price positions. 

Even though Mums have taken charge in the increase response to Kmart, Aussie teens have done their own advertising by posting viral TikTok videos. 

The latest being created was a viral trend of riding Anko wiggle carts from Kmart down parking building ramps. Even though the item succeeded sales in February, it was quickly pulled from shelves as numerous safety concerns were raised by the public.  

I think it’s clear to say, from teens to mums, that every Aussie is a Kmart Lover. With the inflation rates, it’s no surprise that people are moving away from designers to discounts.