Plastic for Profit- the WCC Initiative


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WCC Problem Solving Team

This past winter, the WCC Community Problem Solving team qualified for nationals. Their project, ‘Plastic for Profit’ is now slowly being introduced into the college, and as with any other new initiative, volunteers are required to bring it to life. 

Community Problem Solving, CmPS, is an international competition providing high school students with the opportunity to recognise an issue in their community and implement and enact a creative solution. A team of 5 students identified a problem in the school and proposed a solution aiming to introduce a nature of mindful recycling, as well as a way to combat the persistent issue of litter throughout the college community.   

As is widely known, WCC has always struggled with litter. There have been many attempts to solve this from completely new bins, yearly campaigns, grade competitions and even threats against break times.  

A new solution; introducing the ‘Plastic for Profit’ Initiative. This project will focus on the wasted resources of plastic bottles and cans lying around the college and then have them exchanged for money, specifically 10c per item at the local Return&Earn at Kellyville Plaza. This week, clear recycling bins will be placed around the college for this purpose and to make them distinguishable from the regular bins.   

‘Plastic for Profit’ will also serve as a great volunteering opportunity. You can sign up to collect these bins and take them down to the Return&Earn system once a week after school. To be involved in this, you can ask either any of the CmPS Members (Shreya M, Ellina G, Tanvi L, Daniel W or Sam C) and/or your House captains and vice-captains (who will soon be involved in this initiative). The volunteers will work on a roster so that as many students as possible have the chance to take part. 

The final aspect of this project is the rewards and charities. There will be a monetary goal set to reach through the 10c returns, and when it is reached 2 things will happen. Firstly, the money will be sent to a charity elected by the student body through a survey. Next, the students will receive a reward, such as a Sausage Sizzle. This system will continue in the future, with new and varying rewards introduced depending on the success of the project (feel free to let us know your ideas for this!).   

Overall, the CmPS teams’ ‘Plastic for Profit’ initiative aims to solve the school’s rubbish issue and unite the student body over the common goal of giving back to various charities and working towards their reward. If you are in search of a volunteering opportunity, join this initiative to benefit both WCC and the wider community!