Your News in 2022

Ananya V (Year 12)



  • Flooding  
  • Australian Open  
  •  Novak Djokovic’s visa and COVID Vaccination – 16th  
  • His visa is canceled.  
  • January 15 – Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’paai eruption of a volcano near Tonga.  


  • Russia Attacking Ukraine  
  • February Putin declared war.  
  • Countries sent aid.  
  • Flooding in Lismore and Northern NSW  
  • Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth || 
  • The first British monarch to do so.  
  • Winter Olympics in Beijing, China  


  • More flooding in NSW (Lismore)  
  • Death of Shane Warne  


  • change of government from Liberal and ScoMo to Labor and Anthony Albanese 
  • Monkeypox  


  • End of the politest war – the whiskey war  
  • Between Canada and Denmark  
  • They “fought” by leaving types of alcohol on the island to claim ownership.  
  • Ended in June 14.  


  • The commonwealth games in Birmingham England.   
  • More flooding 
  • The Pride Jersey  


  • The resolution of Lynette Dawson and Chris Dawson (The teacher’s pet Podcast) 
  • China’s military exercise near Taiwan  
  • August 4 
  • Death of Olivia Newton-John 


  • Death of Queen Elizabeth – 9th  
  • Hackers Hit Optus  
  • 9.8 mil records accessed.  


  • Victoria and NSW had more floods.  
  • Bruce Lerhmenn vs Brittney Higgans  
  • Discharging the jury 
  • Cyberattack on Medibank and AHM  
  • 200GB of customer data  
  • Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter  


  • Continuing water 
  • Donald Trump declared he was running for president again  


  • Interest rates = sale boards on houses 
  • Cost of living crisis  
  • Soaring energy and Petrol prices.  


  1. The first year without lockdowns and the first completely “in-person” year any of us have had in over three years. And if it was one thing, it was eventful…

Let’s take a look at what happened in the world, shall we?  

January 2022 brought rain, rain, and more rain. Australia was stuck in a La Nina, a far cry from the typical Aussie Summer. Many areas of the Eastern Seaboard were flooded, and many people were displaced. The 15th also saw an erupted volcano close to Tonga, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’paai, causing tremors to be felt even in Australia. January also brought the Australian Open, where Novak Djokovic’s visa and the COVID-19 discourse were trending. On the 16th of January, it was revealed that his visa was canceled because Djokovic could not produce sufficient evidence for his COVID vaccination.  

February followed with Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee on the 6th of February, which crowned her as the longest-serving British Monarch in history. On the 20th, The Winter Olympics began in Beijing, China. On the 24th of February, Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine shocked the world as many countries sent aid to Ukrainians and watched in horror as Russian Soldiers invaded Ukraine.   

March flooded over again as Lismore was hit hard by the continued La Nina and wet weather.  

May brought some more changes, as ScoMo was traded for Anthony Albanese in the Elections. Everyone got a memorable advertisement stuck in their head. And with the whisperings of the possibility of Monkeypox, May had gone by in a blink.  

By July, half the year had passed, and we watched the Commonwealth games held in Birmingham, England. In July, the Pride Jersy controversy dominated sports news as seven players refused to play for ‘Manly’ against the ‘Roosters.’ Roe v Wade being overturned in the USA led to more debates surrounding abortion and women’s rights. July also brought more flooding as the weather cooled to a freezing winter.  

In August, the craze around the “Teacher’s Pet” podcast fuelled the trial of Chris Dawson for the murder of Lynette Dawson 60 years after it occurred. Tensions rose as China had an extensive military exercise near Taiwan. And the world was saddened by the death of Olivia Newton-John, a beloved actress, singer, and activist.  

September was another memorable month as soon into it, Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, leaving the throne for her eldest son Charles III. The 9th month also revealed the Optus Hack, with over 9.8 million records being accessed and ransomed.  

It was once again a flood-filled month in October, as another high-profile case made waves on the news. Bruce Lehmann was on trial for the alleged sexual assault of Brittney Higgins, which led to the jury being dismissed and many people arguing for Higgins. October also brought another cyber-attack on Medibank as 200GB of customer data had been breached. More news emerged in October as Elon Muck bought Twitter in a $44 billion takeover.  

The end of 2022 spelled bad news for 2023, as in December, Australia acknowledged that the rising cost of living would make it difficult for many of its citizens to make ends meet. The soaring cost of living in Sydney hit us in William Clarke as the ever-popular cookies rose from $2 (like the current fuel cost) to $3.  

2022 was a definitely busy year. A never-ending list of events shocked the world, over and over. Here’s hoping that 2023 will be less busy!