We Are Younite-d

Taylah C (Year 12), Chief Contributor

An awesome event filled with great music, games, talks and decorations, what could possibly be better? 

Younite was a Christian-based event at the college, similar to the GAP but only for WCC students. The afternoon consisted of three awesome guest speakers that spoke about the importance of Christian community that applies not only to a church environment but also to that of a school and work environment.  

Co-ordinators and contributors started off the afternoon by hanging decorations at lunch and after school, during “hang-time” out in the foyer of the space. The event then kickstarted with awesome music lead by a wonderful worship team.  

Following that, the group learnt a bit about CRU and some upcoming camps that they have coming up. Sidenote: They are super fun, outdoor camps that not only challenge your faith and ways of thinking, but physically challenge you through awesome recreational activities (if you are interested, click this link to look further into it) 

The first point we had, and the one that stood out to me the most, was an amazing message from Benjamin Razey. Who is the youth minister at St Paul’s Anglican Church Castle Hill. He spoke about how as God’s people, we are designed to be relational and to surround ourselves in encouraging, and ‘building-up’ Christian environments. He focussed on Hebrews 10 and made three key points. A healthy Christian community: Gathers together, Supports one Another, and Grows with one another. 

Then we had a quick song intermission before our next guest speaker, Tim Scholar, the youth minister from Norwest Anglican Church, who seconded Ben’s reasoning and urgency for a healthy Christian community. 

Lastly, after another short song intermission, we had Tyler Douglas, youth minister from Hillsong Church, preach to us about the importance of community also. Something tells me that the theme of the afternoon was that healthy Christian communities are important, which is fitting. 

After all the talks were done, we had a dance party to great, “boppy” Christian worship music. This was once again led by our band in which giant balloons filled with confetti were thrown around the room. It truly was a sight to see. The atmosphere created by community of God’s people gathered was breath-taking. The volume of the voices in the room was heart-warming and the fact that, through song, so many were able to attend Younite and be inspired by God’s love. It was a miracle and a blessing to witness God working through so many people.  

Lachlan’s initiative to bring this event to life and all of the people working behind the scenes with him have, in line with the will of God, successfully brought an amazing event to life. Many hearts have been touched, perhaps convicted by the word of God and how important community is, especially the Christian community at William Clarke.  

Perhaps this is an event that can be continued in the future and maybe one that will grow in student attendance. An event like this is an important one to have in a school like ours.