Settling the Debate: Barbeque sauce versus Tomato sauce

Dimitri N (Year 10), Chief Contributor

Whilst it is widely accepted that Greek yogurt is the best topping to add to all foods, second place is highly contested. Two of the most popular contestants for that position are Tomato sauce and Barbeque sauce. As someone who favours Tomato Sauce heavily, I have obtained the help of my fellow ‘We Are contributor who is a big fan of BBQ sauce’. Together, in this article we will discuss, and finally resolve what the best (sorry second best) sauce is.  

Let’s start off with the positives of each.  

Positives of Tomato Sauce: Dimitri 

Tomato sauce is a delicious, sweet sauce that has just the right amount of tang. It is unbeatable with chips, hot dogs and many other dishes. It works very well with other condiments, such as mustard or chilli sauce which makes it a great match for whatever you like. It is great for dipping and for adding to pies and other pastries. It is delicious and great in both small and large doses and of course, in my opinion it tastes significantly better than BBQ sauce.  

Not only does tomato taste better but is also more wisely used. BBQ sauce is a very niche condiment. Barbeque sauce is only ever useful in a few scenarios and even then, it is still inferior to Tomato. You would only use BBQ sauce on burgers and maybe chicken. On, chips, in toasties, on pies or sausage rolls Tomato sauce is the only option. Barbeque sauce is honestly quite useless in most scenarios, thus, making tomato sauce not only better tasting but also more useful.  

Positives of BBQ Sauce: Shikha  

From the first bite to the last barbeque sauce offers that authentic grilled flavour making anything taste like it’s fresh from the barbecue. Whilst tomato source just tastes like, well tomatoes BBQ sauce is a combination of charred tomatoes, grilled onions and that sweet mustard flavour which all tingles in your mouth.  Barbeque sauce contains the best of all three into one quality sauce. From nuggets to burgers to hotdogs, barbeque sauce adds that twist and authenticity required to level up foods from basic meals to a taste of heaven. With BBQ sauce there is no need to have grilled onions, tomatoes or condiments on the side because you already have them all in one mouth-watering mix. 

Barbeque sauce is not only multiple in taste, but it is also multiple in health benefits. BBQ sauce has the potential to reduce blood pressure, protect skin using the antioxidants this quality sauce contains and adds flavour without adding fat. How good is this? A breath-taking sauce with flavour and health benefits. It’s a no brainer barbeque sauce is the clearly the better sauce.  

Obviously, there are benefits to both sides of this argument and when debated between us there was no clear winner. So as much as we would like to make a conclusion to end this article we cannot safely say. So we encourage you to discuss this amongst yourselves and spark the debate. Perhaps if enough people talk about it WE ARE might even add it to the weekly poll. So to conclude, the battle for second best sauce still wages on. With Greek Yoghurt standing firmly atop the throne, who will be second, Tomato or Barbeque?   


Article Idea: Patrick M 

Authors: Shikha S and Dimitri N