The Classics, The Cringy and The Creative: Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2022

Alexandra S (Year 12), Chief Designer

So, it’s October and when you walk through the wonderful doors of Kmart. BOO! Halloween decorations and costumes everywhere! (And then the Christmas decorations because obviously October = Christmas?) But when the choice comes down to it…the big question is asked… what on Earth am I going to wear this year? 

 Well not to fear, We Are is here…. to help you distinguish the flops from the slays.  

 The Classics 

 These costumes are the relics of Halloween, done every year, and sometimes done too much.  You know the vampires, witches, zombies, etc… And if we are going to talk about vampires… here’s one issue I have. Since when were vampires scary? They are just suspiciously attractive, eternal cannibals! And didn’t we all fall in love with the vampires from Twilight or Vampire Diaries?  

 But if you’re wanting to dress up as one of these this year… here’s the starter kit! 


  • White Linen Sheet 
  • Sharpie 


  • $2 plastic teeth 
  • Cape 


  • A cape 
  • A witches hat 
  • Broom 
  • And if you want to be extra, a knotty grey wig  


  • Green face paint 
  • Your old brown t-shirt and pants hidden in the back of the cupboard.  

 Whilst they may be the most classic (and basic) of the costumes, they are cheap and doable for pulling something together the night of.  No shame in that! 

 The Cringy  

 Every year I am deeply wounded by the flocks of identical teenagers walking down the streets in a costume that is far too overdone. Devils and Angels. Like WHAT? When did this become a thing? It must be the most basic costume out there. A simple white dress and halo + devil horns and a red dress and BOOM! Best costume ever… according to your local 15-year-old girl.  

Talking about cringey costumes why is there a purge group every year? Like we get it. You’re obsessed with the movie (or you just like the pretty light-up masks).  However, I guess We Are is FOR the students, so if you are planning on wearing one of these costumes… here’s another starter kit! 


  • Red clothes 
  • Devil Horns 
  • And if you really want to be creative 
  • Pitchfork 
  • Tail 


  • White clothes 
  • Halo 
  • And if you want to go all out 
  • Angel wings 
  • Glittery eyeshadow 

Mario and Luigi 

  • $1 stick on moustache  
  • Coloured hat (red or green) 
  • Coloured top (red or green) 
  • Overalls  

 And there you have it. The cringiest costumes of all time. 

 The Creative  

 I’ll admit. I’ve been pretty negative about the costumes. However! May I present to you The Creative costumes of 2022.   

 Coming in hot with number one we have… traffic cones! This is a simple yet hilarious costume which first rose to fame in early 2021 and is yet to grow old. You don’t even need to DIY it, just buy the costume on Amazon and call it a day! How easy is that? And with a group of friends, perfection! If I don’t see a group of traffic cones this year I’m giving up on Halloween for good.  

 Coming in number 2 is… Ice Ice Baby. Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen. Whilst some of you may think this idea is cringy, I reckon it’s a great costume that is criminally underused. Grab a partner and a clear poncho. Fill the poncho up with bubble wrap and stick on a sticker that says ice and, voila, you’re a bag of ice. Just grab a baby doll (or a real baby if you can find one with a trusting mother) and blast Ice Ice baby through a speaker as you walk around the neighbourhood. Amazing!  

 Perhaps the most calming costume on the list, this one is for those who want to enjoy a zen Halloween staring at calm trees and grass. So, the perfect costume for you has to be the brilliant Bob Ross. The wonderfully talented and calm man is not only famous for his painting expertise, but for his soothing voice and wonderous mane of hair. Simply take an afro wig and gently place it on your head. Pair it with a paintbrush, moustache and button up shirt and voila! You have a beautiful painting- uh… I mean costume.  

 I’ve given you all the classics, the cringey, and the creative costumes for Halloween 2022 but now it’s time for the final rankdown. After all, who doesn’t love a top-10 article?  

10. Devil and angel

9. Mario and Luigi

8. The Purge

7. Ghost

6.  Zombie

5. Vampire

4. Witch

And a massive drumroll to our final three…. 

 3. Bob Ross

2. Ice Ice Baby

And our winner of the 2022 costume award goes to…. 


Happy Halloween and stay safe!