Exploring GLO


Taylah C (Year 11), Chief Contributor

The college provides numerous opportunities for students of all ages with something for everyone’s interest, particularly the Christian community of students at the college. One event that stands out is GLO. 

I asked a few people what they thought GLO was and what it was all about. Their response was, “Have Bible discussions, sing songs, maybe play games that probably relate to the theme of the talk, leaders and teachers give talks” or, “it’s something for Christians.” Even though this isn’t too far away from the truth, key aspects were missed, so I decided to write an article informing everyone what GLO is really about.  

First, the 2022 GLO leaders, Christian Life Vice-Captain and Prefects decided to “rebrand” GLO at the beginning of the year, asking essential questions such as, ‘Who do we want GLO to be for?’ and ‘What does GLO mean and stand for?’  

GLO stands for, ‘Go Love Others’, a core value that all Christians have as we believe we are called to love others. GLO is a community for everyone, both Christian and non-Christian alike. It is a safe environment where students can ask questions and delve into deep topics around the Bible and Christian values. It is also a space where Christians can come together, worship our great God, and grow in our faith.  

I asked a friend, Catriona B, if she could explain what GLO is, she replied saying: “GLO is an awesome place where we can all meet together to unite in and learn about Jesus through fun games, talks, [studies] and music.” 

Recently, we shared this love with the college community bring GLO outside into the amphitheatre for ‘Prayer, Praise, and Picnic’ week, where me and a fellow Year 11 student, Lucas, shared our testimonies, and everyone got to munch on some delicious picnic snacks whilst they listened.  

GLO is a place for people who are “interested or inquiring into God. It is a family of people who want to encourage and strengthen each other in their faith.”  – Lucas R                                                   

Another friend of mine, Charlie C, isn’t a ‘regular’ at GLO but he recently said, “I like going to GLO because the community is always welcoming, and I like my friends there. It’s honestly a vibe… I wish I went there more.” 

GLO is a safe space for everyone to learn more about God in a more intimate environment without fear of judgement, where anyone can ask big questions about God and receive remarkable, potentially life-changing answers.  

For those who don’t always come to GLO, or maybe haven’t ever come before, I suggest you take one Tuesday lunch time before the year is over to ask any questions that you might have about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity in general. You never know, maybe the answer you get, or the talk/study you engage in, could change your life forever.  

Over the next few weeks GLO will be exploring the following: 

  • Week 7 (30th of August) – A talk by Emma V on ‘The Resurrection and the Life’ 
  • Week 8 (6th of September) – A talk/study by Tegan R on ‘The Way the Truth and the Life” 
  • Week 9 (13th of September) – A talk by Josiah L on “The True Vine” 

GLO is on Tuesday lunchtimes in the Space, and on behalf of the entire Christian community here at the college, we invite you to join us! (If it is your first time you get lollies!) We hope to see you there!