Our First High School Camp!

Carli S (Year 9) , Chief Contributor

Year 9 Camp

Camp at last …  

Finally! After three years of treacherous weather, a pandemic and canceled camps, Year 9 were able to go on their weeklong ‘retreat’. Aspects of the camp were challenging, yet I had an amazing time and felt privileged to have experienced this camp, and I know the rest of my grade is grateful for finally getting to enjoy their first ‘high school camp’. 

There were heaps of activities across the four days… 

My group spent around 2-3 hours kayaking on the Colo River, and as tiring as it was, I found it extremely rewarding when we arrived at our destination. The obstacle course was a highlight for everyone, and was so much fun, featuring monkey bars, a balance beam and climbing through tires. 

There were also the classic team-building challenges including the crate stack where groups were tasked with the challenge of stacking crates as high as possible whilst someone had to climb the stack. 

The high ropes obstacle course proved to be challenging in the best way possible, and a culmination of fun and scariness all in one. The wombat hole continued this excitement, taking us through a tight, muddy maze in the ground that we had to find our way through.  

And finally, there was the hiking. Everyone that I talked to found it extremely tiring, yet our first-time camping optimism allowed us to see how rewarding it was when we realised how far we had come! 

There were other group activities that we did on camp, but my favorite part was the campfires and stargazing. Sitting with a group of people I hadn’t talked to before and getting to know people who I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to was refreshing, and becoming closer with my current friends was really awesome. The stars were so bright at night without the light pollution, and I am so thankful for Mrs. Williamson, the camp counselors and all the teachers involved for organising this experience. You all made it an amazing first camp of high school.