Year 11 Disco Night

Taylah C (Year 11), Chief Contributor

After missing out on countless bonding opportunities, Year 11 was finally able to join together and celebrate each other’s differences as a cohort. On 28 June, the students of year 11 had an eventful evening of music, dancing, pizza and glowsticks, creating memories that they will cherish forever. The disco night took place in the Undercroft where leaders and friends decorated the room with glow in the dark balloons, glowsticks, streamers, and created an impressive playlist for the grade to enjoy. For two hours the students enjoyed an evening free of assessments! 

“The purpose of the disco night was to promote cohesion and inspire new relationships within the grade in an informal and fun-filled environment. It was also a good night for everyone to take a break and relax amidst the exam block.”                      

(Zoe L) 

The disco was themed “Glow in the Dark”. Students dressed in all black and brought in anything that fitted the theme. But what is a Year 11 gathering without a challenge? When the speaker decided to stop working after a power overload, some students went on the hunt for a working speaker, so that the festivities could continue. Luckily, with the help of tech savvy students, the speakers were up and running again, and the students were dancing more than before. 

“The whole night was a standout… everyone there was just having a great time and was really into it. I think anymore ideas for year group activities would be great.”  

(Joshua M) 

After eating pizzas and chatting with existing friendship groups, the grade went back to enjoying the music and dancing. With 10 minutes left to go in the evening, every student that attended joined a massive circle and sang ‘Sweet Caroline’ – the final bonding experience.  

“My highlight was when our whole grade got together in a circle to bond over Sweet Caroline… Personally, I was standing next to two people I don’t think I’ve said a word to all year, and it was great to see many others doing the same.” 

(Mason F)