What is ‘My Space’? 

Year 7 Year Leaders

The Year 11’s see a stampede of Year 7’s marching towards the Branwhite Centre, protected only by a thin, glass sliding door. Only a few more seconds until the warning bell hits.  


The Year 11’s push their way through the stampede of sweaty, smelly Year 7’s who are running to the top trying to get the best seats, pushing and shoving each other away as they climb up the stairs. Everyone is looking for their friends before it starts. The curtains draw to a close while the screen connects. The presentation has started. This is what a regular Friday afternoon looks like for Year 7.  

Each Friday in period 3 is dedicated to homework and study. A Year Group meeting is also included in this time. We spend this time in our mentor groups which allows us to make new friendships and form relationships with our fellow peers and house members.  

This period is called My Space.  

During our Year Group meeting we go through the highs, the lows and everything in between. In addition, we receive an interhouse sport report reviewing the results of our achievements and losses. Following this, Year 7’s Legend of the Week is announced. This is a fun award that nominates individuals for their acts of kindness in class. Once we have concluded our Year Group meeting, we move off into our mentor groups where we are allowed to catch up and work on any homework that we may have. Soon enough, the bell rings and we’re gone, ready for the weekend to start. 

What are the benefits for Year 7? 

We have noticed so far that we have less stress catching up on homework. This is a plus for all students because rather than working over the weekend, we can spend more time having fun. Even if homework is finished, we can use this time to study if there is an upcoming test/culminating task. 

This has also been helpful in us transitioning into high school. Not only are we able to adjust to the new workload, but we are also able to continue to build relationships with our peers, mentors, year prefects, and of course our Year Co. This has been very beneficial for us as we start our high school journey and continue to meet new people. 


Why would My Space be beneficial for other grades? 

My Space would be a great advantage for years 8, 9 and 10, who don’t currently have free periods. My Space allows homework to be completed at school, freeing up more time during weekends and after school for extracurricular activities. As the workload increases as we get older, this time becomes more valuable. It also helps us to gain independence in our learning as we practice time management.