What does it mean to be a good Christian?

Carli S (Year 9), Chief Contributor

As a Christian, living a good life can sometimes feel drastically different to that of a non-believer.  

Maintaining your relationship with the God and really listening to his message, rather than relying solely on your own intuition can sometimes be scary, yet in the end will bring you greater joy.  

In the moment, following your own path is so much more comforting as it often avoids confrontation and the hard conversations, yet in the long term, following god’s path allows for so much more growth, and ultimately eternal life with him. In light of those thoughts, below are some hot tips that I like to use to better myself as a Christian, even when things feel hard:  

  1. Pray: It is quite a simple thing to do, yet even a short conversation with God can give you so much strength.  
  2. Read the bible: I know first-hand that some books in the bible are dry and long, making it almost impossible to read, so instead of trying to read the entire bible chapter by chapter, research bible verses/chapters that are relevant to what you are going through. E.g. If you have struggled with sinning and facing your sins you should read 1 John 1:9
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded Christians and worship: It’s a good idea to join a church where God’s word is taught that has the same values as you do. You’ll resonating teachings from church leaders, whilst also meeting other believers with whom you can converse and challenge each other on God’s teachings.
  4. Apply God’s word to your life: We spend a lot of time seeking success, yet the most effective method to succeed in being a good Christian is to study and apply God’s Word in your life. We shall know the appropriate path to take in life if we obey God’s word like an instruction manual.
  5. Spread the word of God: Spreading the gospel was one of Jesus’ instructions to his followers. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation,” he declared in Mark 16:15. Look for opportunities to share your faith with others. This may entail talking to strangers about your beliefs, or demonstrating God’s love to people via your actions and good deeds.