75th Cannes Film Festival


Photo taken by L. Hahn. Retrieved from Getty Images.

Olivia S (Year 11), Chief Contributor

At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, the thrill of the silver screen was alive and well. Actors, directors, and filmmakers gathered in Cannes, France, from May 17th to May 28th to honour the significance of filmmaking. There were so many incredible moments from this year’s Cannes Film Festival, including the beautiful attire, breathtaking films, and standing ovations. 

Unlike many other major film festivals, Cannes is a private event for film industry professionals who must be accredited in order to enter the Palais des Festivals- they are welcome to attend the festival but must register in advance. All inquiries must be accompanied by proof of association with the industry. Evidently, none of us are rich or famous enough to attend events such as these, so for all you film lovers out there- this one is for you.  

Of course, with paparazzi at the Palais and punters on the promenade, Cannes’ comeback was tweeted about and televised worldwide. Last year’s event was a masked ball, (coincidence?!) and Covid put an end to the 2020 celebration. Now that it’s back in May, we appear to have returned to the original event, with that old frenetic juggling of the good with the dreadful, the political with the frivolous, the sacred with the profane. 

While blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick and Elvis were shown, the festival also promoted international works and documentaries. Three Thousand Years of Longing, a fantasy film, premiered at Cannes, as did thrillers such Korean film Decision to Leave, sci-fi horror Crimes of the Future, and period drama Armageddon Time. 

The two highly anticipated films that premiered include: Elvis (directed by Baz Luhrmann), and Top Gun: Maverick (directed by Joseph Kosinski). Both films received outstanding reviews, alongside the extreme media coverage.  

On May 18, the film festival welcomed Tom Cruise for the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. French fighter planes flew overhead as the actor walked the red carpet in honour of the film. Tom Cruise was presented with a Palme d’Or by festival president Pierre Lescure, a cinematic prize given to just 15 artists. 

Elvis, premiered to great acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival. The film received a 12-minute standing ovation after its Cannes premiere, with star Austin Butler, director Baz Luhrmann, Tom Hanks, and Priscilla Presley among the audience. 

The films were a triumph with Cannes audiences and are expected to be quite popular audiences when they hit the theatres.  

As the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival draws to a close, we are reminded of the magnificence of movies and the power they hold. 


2022 Cannes Film Festival Awards and winners 

Feature Films 

  • 75th Award: Tori And Lokita 
  • Honorary Palme d’Or: Forest Whitaker 
  • Honorary Palme d’Or: Tom Cruise 
  • Prix CST de l’Artiste – Technicien: Andreas Franck, Bent Holm, Jacob Ilgner, Jonas Rudels, Triangle Of Sadness 
  • Young Film Technicien Prize: Marion Burger, Mother And Son 

Short Films 

Golden Camera Award (For Best First Feature) 

  • Caméra d’Or Special Distinction:Plan 75 

Un Certain Regard 

  • Prize of Un Certain Regard: Les Pires (The Worst Ones) 
  • Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Performance: Vicky Krieps, Corsage, and Adam Bessa, Harka (TIE) 
  • Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Director: Alexandru Belc, Metronom 
  • Un Certain Regard Prize for Best Screenplay: Maha Haj, Mediterranean Fever 
  • Un Certain Regard Jury Prize: Joyland 
  • Coup de Coeur Award: Rodeo