Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Year 9 Camp


GlamXperience Victoria

Susannah S (Year 9), Contributor

First impressions can often be deceiving. But that was not the case with this year’s year 9 camp. Maybe it was plucking the leeches off our ankles and soaking rain, or maybe the fact that all eight girls in my group burst into tears upon seeing our cabin. That gave us a slight inclination that this camp was going to be terribly long, and terribly hard

After a measly lunch (that we were all going to have to get used to) we went for a rainy bushwalk. That was the first positive thing of that day. Standing on the edge of a dam, watching the water cascade beneath us, admiring the gorgeous view, and hoping that, perhaps, this camp wouldn’t be too bad. That evening was my favourite, as I will always remember the moment a pregnant possum plodded into the dining area, sending us screaming in hysterics. 

That night was the hardest for me, and I’m sure the other girls will agree, as it is difficult to sleep in a bed that has dried urine on it.  Despite the lack of sleep, we were all up early and almost happy to be going on a hike to a different campsite. Let’s just say that hiking 10 km is hard than it seems with a 15 kg pack on your back, and we all came out from the second day burnt to a crisp and wincing at every movement.  

You get the idea of what this camp was like. I must admit I despised the camp for the first few days and seriously considered running away. But God must have had a plan for me, because by the fourth day, the sun was out and we were at the beach, enjoying the warmth the new campsite offered. By this time, I had gotten to know the other girls in my group and was pleased with the friends we had made.  When the time came for us to depart on the sixth and final day, I was quite sad to say goodbye. 

Upon reflection, there were times when I felt I could not go on, my strength was drained, and I just couldn’t continue. But then God reached out his hand and filled me with his strength so that I could get to the end of camp and say that it was worth doing. I am so proud of the things my grade did on that camp, and that my group could adjust to anything (with some encouragement) and battle through the challenges.  

I loved wrestling on the stand-up paddle boards and fighting, tooth and nail, to throw our friends off. My least favourite part was hiking through knee-deep mud and soaking all our clothes. And finally, I will leave with many amazing memories, some new friends, and one terrible tan.