Xi Jinping


Willy C (Year 0)

“The region (of Hong Kong) has truly entered an era of democracy.” 

At the beginning of this month, President of China Xi Jinping made the trip down to Hong Kong to celebrate its 25th  ‘handover’ anniversary from the United Kingdom. Mr. Xi was met with such a warm welcome which was a surprise to many considering the protests which had occurred only 2 years earlier! They definitely weren’t paid actors or terrified citizens forced to wave Chinese flags. We are sure they weren’t at all fearful of becoming like the Uyghur population.  

It was a match made in heaven according to all sources (especially China’s state media). The ‘democracy-loving’ Mr. Xi celebrating with his pro-democracy subjects! Unfortunately, numerous of those pro-democracy subjects, over 1000 to be exact, are imprisoned for political reasons, mainly loving democracy 🙁 such a shame they missed out on all the fun!  

On the anniversary, Mr. Xi even replaced the semi-democratic authorities residing over Hong Kong with his own personal choice, a loyal member of the CCP. And seriously Americans think their elections are rigged!  

The people of Hong Kong are probably the only few in the world that would willingly welcome back their Imperialist overloads. Surely they can’t be as bad as China?  

The citizens of Hong Kong were truly reminded that there is no room for freedom of thought or expression in China, and while Mr. Xi continues to expand Chinese tentacles of influence across the globe, no help will come from the ‘pro-democracy’ Western powers.