Joe Biden


Willy C (Year 0)

“I’ve long said America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: ahwazinnafoothiminnawhu…” 

Most popular US President of all time Joe Biden, speaking in a press conference celebrating the appointment of Kentanji Brown Jackson’s to the U.S. Supreme Court, defined America in a single word…  

Unfortunately, the entire quote couldn’t fit on the tile for Wise Words, President Biden elaborates, “…ahwazinnafoothiminnawhu, foot, excuse me, in the foothills of the Himalayas. Xi Jinping. Traveling with him. I travelled 17,000 miles when I was vice president. I don’t know that for a fact.” 

Hopefully that extra bit of context helped you understand what Biden was saying…  

We Are is in no doubt as to how over 80 million Americans voted for Biden, with his impeccable communication and wisdom that only comes with age (nearing 80 also). We aren’t here to question whether Joe Biden is fit to run a country. We think it would be totally hypocritical to force Biden to take a cognitive test when no one made Trump take one… Oh wait.  

Undoubtedly being Commander in Chief is probably a little more complicated than Biden expected with his approval ratings at an all-time low. It’s hard to tell what could have made the American public so distasteful towards their spiritual Grandfather. It surely can’t be the economy or the baby formula shortages, or the rising price of petrol… right?  

Or maybe the American people have simply lost hope in their democracy. Seeing their President fail to ride a bike or walk upstairs, has surely impaired public morale. And they really thought the other guy was worse!  

At the end of the day, when it comes to countries like Russia and China infringing upon the sovereignty of other nations and threatening global stability. Never fear, Joe is here!